21 (Downloadable) Pictures To Help You Smile

21 (Downloadable) Pictures To Help You Smile

In October of 2018, I attended a talk given by Bruce Turkel. The company I work for, asked him to speak, at what was billed as a “difference maker” conference. We were asked to play a Beetles tune on a harmonica, consider what “branding” meant, and to focus on our customers. Nothing extraordinary, but it made an impact on me.

Long before that, I decided to keep my Facebook posts upbeat. Also long before that, I had decided that my thoughts affected the outcomes of my day, my relationships, and what came into my life. It was welcome news that personal branding mattered. Not only in my relationship to the universe, but in business as well.

What I decided on that trip, was that nothing mattered more about my online life, than what I wanted to project into the world. And so I began to write more on this website. I started a Facebook page, full of what I consider to be encouragement. I began to share my drawings with others if I thought they needed a lift. An article on customer service was submitted and published to a trade magazine.

There is a book and there are t-shirts (dozens of which have been given away.). There is a guest blog or two. I have been fortunate enough to meet and enjoy several people. The advice and encouragement I give on the Facebook page and this blog are for me as much as who might happen upon them. In short… life is good. Because I put what I enjoy out into the world.

They say, “do what you love and the money will come.”

I reply, “do what you love and the money won’t matter.”

Everyone, including me, needs money. The problem is, we tend to “need” about ten percent more than we currently have. I am confident the money will come, but I am also content with putting my stuff into the universe only for the sake of that alone. In that vein, here are 21 pictures from the Facebook page, just to make you smile. Feel free to rip them, share them, post them, give them away, or even sell them. Just drop me a line, letting me know.

You should know that I have also started a card company that, in the words of my son, is “paused”. This was in my response to calling it failed. Joy is never found in the accomplishing of things. The process is the good stuff. And on this day, it is all process, and all joy.

A word of advice here… be good to yourself. Be kind, as if that kindness might return when you need it most. Understand, as much as you can, that this life is meant to be lived with others and not for yourself alone. See the grace around you. Offer it over and over to yourself. Accept, as well as give, good things, equally. There is only love.

You, dear one, are a good thing.

Happy Sunday.


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