Watts the Big Idea?

Watts the Big Idea?

Big picture thinking is the hardest of all. It is always easy to focus on the details and the mundane. Remembering our focus and keeping the main thing in mind can be difficult. Is there any hope for this world?

There were conservative religious groups at the dawn of the nuclear age that welcomed armament. They felt God would baptize the world with fire and that nuclear war seemed a plausible way to get that done. Would God use weaponry to destroy the earth? These groups thought so. Bizzare.

Once in college, I spoke to a group of young people about the creation of love and peace in the world. After my stating that we are all children of the Creator and that borders and ideologies mattered little, there came an accusation. I must have been a “New World Order” person, which was obviously evil.

Fast forward thirty years, and I am still plugging away. Preaching peace and love, in the small ways I am able to do so. Sending and receiving love each morning. Staying grateful each night for the love that is apparent at every turn in my life. Finding the divine in the creation of drawings, writings, and smiles. And birds. I love the birds.

For me, the hardest part of living, is staying positive about a future that includes the power of a few to destroy the earth of many. It is not the religious fanatics I fear, but those who care little about their brothers and sisters in all parts of the world. At the least, the fanatics care about their own. It is just that, my “own”, are all those I see.

What is the big idea? If it is not peace and love, then what might it be? I was born in the late sixties and missed the counter culture. The hippies and the beat poets were selling stocks and bonds by the time I came around to adulthood. Spirituality became something we sell and trade. Religions became little more than country clubs. Americans, of which I am one, became obsessed with what their place in history would be. The cold war became colder and the thought of “others” was voiced with disdain.

Long story short, if it takes Tears for Fears to sow the seeds of love, and for U2 to hold hands on the devil, religion has lost its way. Ozzy Osbourne went crazy, but only when living in a world of millions of people living as foes. Bob Dylan continued to point out the not so obvious, and Ronnie James Dio made me think of rainbows in the dark.

I read the words of Jesus, the Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and listened to everyone that thought they had something of worth to say. I gave away my shoes, my heart, my sanity, and my money. Nothing was off limits and life handed me everything I wanted and was willing to accept. There were bars, sanctuaries, African plains, big cities, and oceans for miles. I sipped coffee with addicts, drank Gran Mariner with executives, shared cigarettes with both the homeless and those with homes. Never concerned, or impressed, with the company I kept.

There was a time when I played guitar and sang. There was a time when I had little, and also much. If I did not believe there was more to discover, I would swear I had discovered it all. From where I sit, there is still only one idea. That peace and love are all that matter. A little outdated, but still what the world needs. I listen to a voice that may not be popular among the media, but it is certainly popular among people. Real people.

Peace and love.

That is the big idea.

Nothing about me is finished or ever will be. My life has not been perfect, but it has been perfect for me. And still, I hear only peace and love. With every question I ask the universe, all I hear in response, is peace and love. I’ve seen it in the smile of a child, the last breath of some of my family, and in every sunrise and sunset. Peace and love.

If I were honest with myself, I would have to admit that I have given up on convincing others of the message. I have no desire to convert the masses or even those immediately around me. There has been some pressure to create, publish, and sell, this or that program, but for the life of me, I cannot get my head around how that makes sense. Even at an early age I questioned the integrity of anyone that could actually sell a Bible.

Yes, I am for abundance. Especially, mine. But not for selling something that has been given to me. And guess what has been given to me. You guessed it. Everything.

Whether it is two, or two thousand, that see these words, take this away. Peace and love.

Both course through your veins. My hope is that they make it to your heart. Not so that you might teach it also, but that you might feel it ways that you have never felt them before.

Happy Thursday.

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