Children of the Stars

Children of the Stars

Being open to the love and the working of the universe seems hard sometimes. Other times, it is as easy as my next breath. When things are good, my thoughts tend to migrate towards the positive. If things are tough, I catch myself in moods that bring negativity.

This week, I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with my cousin. We have been in and out of each others’ lives over the past fifty years, but never gone from reach. We shared the wonders we perceive, the authors we have read, and the possibilities for growth.

After a gallon of coffee (mostly consumed by me), I realized that before me sat a fellow seeker. Before me sat one of my friends. I have always admired him. He probably has always wondered about me. We are connected by more than family ties.

We discussed the power of positive thoughts. In some ways, I felt like he was assuring me that I was not insane. In some ways, it felt like I had a big brother who was taking care of me.

As I sipped my coffee, I mentioned that I admired the Dalai Lama. I said that, “though the Dalai Lama was incredible, for all his knowledge, all he really teaches is kindness and compassion, and that anyone could do this. Kindness and compassion should not be hard. We are all connected in some way.”

What my cousin said next, made me think in a new way. He stated that I only saw this because of where I was in my journey. He said that ninety percent of people, even the ones in that restaurant, could not perceive what he and I do.

I did not look around. I did not become aware of the space around us. It was as if we were floating above the goings on of the world and discussing what we saw below. Hearing only his voice, I took it all in, as if it were spoken by the universe itself.

Lately, I have been changing. Where once I measured the truth of a thing, by the universality of a thing, now I am less concerned with shared experience. What I am learning, is that we are all on different journeys, with different experiences, and my path is not the path of others.

It is not for me to judge, and by determining what is true for others, in an effort to be universal, I was practicing some form of conceit. Yes, I want to help, but to worry for what I perceive others to experience, is only a judgement.

I will listen, but I will hear individuals and not observations made. There will be offerings of help, but not offerings based on what I think will help. My family and I will do good in the world, but we will do good based on the moment, and not a prescribed method of karmic cleansing or charity.

Mass media, religious teaching, and the bombarding of advertisements create the illusion that we should worry for things we cannot control. Yes, I pray, but not for little Johnny who fell in the well outside of Duluth, Minnesota, who got some media attention.

My sending of love and well-wishes go out to the whole of humanity each day. For a moment, I am a conduit of Source, and in that way, I am blessed along with the world. And what of this world? What of the you that is you, and the me that is me?

We are children of the stars. We are made of light. Always acting or reacting to love. Always co-creating the next moments of the world we live in.

Last night, as I got out of the car, I looked up at the night sky. Carter was rushing into the house to see Michelle. This thirteen year-old, goofy, teenager, who just moments before was speaking of the merits of a taco shell that did not break as it was consumed, taught me a lesson.

As I looked up, I said, “Carter, look at the stars, they are beautiful.”

He responded without a thought, and said, “Like me.”

He opened the door and went into the house without thinking another thought about what he had said.

Carter is not overly self-promoting. Sometimes I wonder if he should develop more confidence. But without thinking or considering what he meant by the words, he said, “Like me.”

If he knows he is beautiful like the stars, then it stands to reason that I should know the same about me. And if I know the same about me, then it stands to reason that you should know the same about you. I wonder, however, about that ninety percent.

I will trust the universe and Source, to let others discover this for themselves. In the same way, I will trust the universe and Source to remind me of this on the tough days.

They say that the stars are shining during the day, but that we cannot see them. I have heard it said that the stars are shining behind the clouds on on cloudy nights. “They” say so many things. All with good intention and to promote some sort of optimism.

What I am learning, as I travel this path, is that the stars are shining in each twinkle, in each eye, of each person I meet. That the stuff that a star is made of is the stuff that you and I are made of. When I need to see the brilliance of a star, or the glory of the universe working, I need only to look around, within or without. Not always only up.

You are beautiful and you are being created with each breath. What you are thinking now will determine how you experience tomorrow. The love you felt yesterday is real and what you worry over is most likely not real.

The only universal thing I can say, is that everything will be alright, unless you prefer it not to be alright. Love will win, with or without us. Love will win every time. Children of the stars know this to be true. Children of the stars understand, that what makes an acorn grow into a mighty oak, is offered to all, in each moment.

You are made of the stuff of stars.

Happy Sunday.


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