Learning To Ride (Weird As I Wanna Be)

Learning To Ride (Weird As I Wanna Be)

Love is all around us. All of the time. Our lives are a response to this love and our reaction creates our collective and individual futures. Is this hard to believe? Does it all seem too unreal?

Perhaps a little background information for those readers who do not know me personally. I am a 6’3″, 330 lb, pacifist. Sometimes, I am better at being a pacifist than at other times. Those I work with suspect that I am not normal, but they have no idea how much that is true. The joys of my job are the 90-100 people that I get to help train and mentor. The joys of my living, are the simple knowings that everything is important… but that nothing is that important.

This week, in the United States, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. It was the admonition of my chief operating officer that teams were to tell everyone, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

As I traveled to different sites, and leading by example, I did just that. Women, men, dogs, and children (not in that order). If you wanted a car wash last Friday, and I was at that site, you received a well wish, a smile, and a hope that you enjoyed the holiday. You may wonder… even the dude that was bigger than you? The old man that looked grumpy and only cracked his window to speak? And what about all the people that were sad about not having a date on that day?


This is weird, I know. But, it is not the weirdest thing for me this week. I attended a meeting where a spirit was being channeled and taught a spontaneous lesson on love (just before going, I posted to the restingtimes.com Facebook page, that “this is the night that love wins”). My wife and I were wondering one night, how to get groceries this week, as money was a bit tight, and the next morning, a check arrived in the mail from a doctor’s office we had overpaid a while back. I started listening to a book, “A Course In Miracles”, that is reported to have been dictated by Jesus himself.

Michelle and I began playing the “What If?” game. This was recommended by Abraham Hicks, another author, who believes we can raise our vibration and our ability to accept good things, simply by playing along. What if everything was okay today? What if we got healthy and were able to travel the world. And, what if I got a book deal and traveled the world speaking? Crazy, right? Maybe to some, but it is a great place to dream and learn what we want as a couple.

On the subject of being weird as I wanna be. I always wake up early. Sometimes the hours before dawn are spent in meditation. Other times they are spent listening to music. Sometimes books, sometimes drawings, sometimes all of these. The first thirty minutes of waking are spent without electronic devices, but the next hour or two is a crap shoot. Whatever makes sense at the time. One thing that always takes place, other than the abstinence from electronics, is the sending of love, to those I will meet that day and to those that will see my drawings and writing. Also, to the world at large. I believe this makes a difference in the world and in my life.

Before I get to “learning to ride”, please know that all of my days are not filled with love and joy. Just as I am better at times at pacifism, some days my thought life is better than other days. But this week, I heard again, that thoughts are things. And this simple statement is true for me more than most truths I am encouraged to trust.

A few nights ago, I heard of a friend having some anxiety and stressful thinking. I asked him if he ever learned to ride a motorcycle. He said he had, and I asked him about making a turn… where did he look when he was going around a curve, or turning a corner. He said, “where I am going.”

After asking what happened if he looked at the ground during that time, he replied with only one word, “wreck.”

Yes, I am weird. Even as weird as I wanna be. But here is one of the only things I know to be true. Where our thoughts are, is where we are heading. It is not so much that we are all psychic, but that we are all creating our futures with the creator of worlds. If we say, “I am tired. I am sick. Or, I am miserable.”, we are stating those things about our creator, who in some traditions, is know as the “I am.” For me, it is always better to say, “I am going to get some rest. I am going to heal. Or, I am going to be happy.”

Is it the law of attraction? I have no idea. There are studies that say if you smile, even when you feel like anything but smiling, your mood will improve. Wayne Dyer often said, “The more you change the way you look at things, the more the things you look at will change.”

Buddha said we are shaped by our thoughts. Jesus said we are accountable not only for our actions, but for how we think about those actions (anger=murder). By the way… if it is true that you have committed adultery, simply by lusting after someone, it stands to very good reason, that if you offer someone grace and love in your mind, you have done it in the world.

My opinion is this… if we believe the world is full of goodness, anything that is not good is simply a mistake, and will easily pass. When we look for the good in others, we will not dismiss them after their initial reactions to the world. If we believe there is ample abundance in the world, we are less likely to ignore the suffering of others as quickly. And, if we know without a doubt, that God is as thankful for us, as we are of God, then we enjoy living and are truly absolved of worry and guilt.

The secret to living, in the curves and turns, is to look and focus on where you are going, not where you are afraid you might end up. You do not have to listen to Jesus, or Buddha, or some dude that thinks he knows enough to write a blog. Just hop on a motorcycle. I did.

Happy Sunday.

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