Driving Ahead

Driving Ahead

One of the many things my father taught me, was to drive three car lengths ahead. The key, he said, was to know what was going to happen, before it happened. It does little good to know what the car in front of you will do after it makes a move. In essence, the key, is to be several feet ahead of where you are.

I do not know much about physics, or time travel, or the theory of relativity, but my suspicion is that this lesson is not about where we spend our time. The lesson is about people, and knowing their behavior. Five cars in front, there are brake lights, how will the four cars between us react? A speeding car just passed us in an ending lane, which car will let it in?

It is this way with our everyday lives as well. We should be before ourselves. Our minds, attention, and hearts, should be here and now, but also where we are going, offering only love. We should be preparing for the next move. Not with scenarios repeating in our minds, but with intention and the giving of ourselves to all moments. Even the moments to come.

In a real way, meditation allows us to remove our minds from the “now”, and let it roam to where it needs to be. If you believe it, this is also our dream state. Our minds have already lived every experience in one way or another. Almost like Deja Vu, but more like planes of reality. Have we lived every possibility? I think so. The mind we think we are is but one manifestation of many that have been or will be.

This seems bizarre, even to me, but it is what is on my mind at the moment. Feel free to comment if you disagree or have more to offer on the subject. None of it is more odd than our believing we might affect the world through good vibes, thoughts, or prayers. In the same way we offer hope for others in our meditations, we offer better outcomes by sending love to the world, to the places we will be, and to the beings that we are.

Love is like a nuclear bomb detonating. There are ripple effects. Love is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. We send it out and it is returned multiplied. If we offer only love, then we are able only to receive love. In whatever form it comes. Try it. It works.

What made me think of all of this? What in the world would create such thoughts? I wondered where my mind began and stopped. I considered the shape and color of my thoughts. This was prompted by a book by Wayne Dyer. But in reality, if there is no beginning or end to my thoughts, and there is no beginning or end to Source, then it must be that I am one with Source. Not Source alone, but one with, Source.

And before you think to yourself, “he must think highly of himself”, let me say that I then saw the setting sun, a planet, and then a star on the other horizon. I realized I am small in comparison to time and space. But more than that, I realized I am only a part of time and space.

My intention is to be in the flow of Source energy. To ride the waves of its ebbing and flowing. To somehow affect the world with kindness and create opportunities for the nurturing of love in others. Meditation, sleep, even the way in which I eat, what I think, and how I breathe, all matter to the world. And this is the truth for me.

Then some jack wagon, five cars ahead, slams on his brakes, and I become the idiot that is cursing someone that cannot hear me. It is a balancing act.

Regardless of how spiritual we think we are, there is still going to be something that brings us back to our ego. All of the mind/love travel talk was to demonstrate that I can be as “out there” as the next guy. But I also can be the irrationally angry guy.

So what do I do? What can we all do? Forgive ourselves, move on, take the next breath, and send love to the “next” place we are going. Spirituality is so misunderstood. It is only the next breath. It is only the offering of love in this moment. Beyond that, it is someone trying to sell you a course that you do not need.


Happy Tuesday.

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