Law of Attraction : Manifesting Your Reality by Vasundhra

Law of Attraction : Manifesting Your Reality by Vasundhra

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There are two kinds of people in the world – one that believe in the power of the Law of Attraction. And the second that don’t.

Though I’m sharing my manifestation stories from several months and years ago, I’m having goosebumps all over again. It’s hard to believe this is all a coincidence, because it’s reproducable. But I hope for one thing, that it convinces YOU to start manifesting YOUR dreams.

Let’s start with some vacation talk.

#1 – How I attracted ‘no excess luggage’, WITH excess luggage. And FREE lounge access.

When I was coming back from a vacation in January 2017, I realized that I didn’t have check-in luggage allowance on the way back home. It’s as if all the problems happen at the same time. What else was wrong, you ask?

Well, at the time, I had fallen sick and was running a viral fever. To top it off, I was booked on a connecting flight, which meant I was going to stay the night at the airport, dressed in summer clothes, facing winter-like weather.

Dreadful, through and through. Why? Because one, I would have to pay a LOT for the luggage which was clearly over the cabin-baggage allowance. And two, my credit card had run out free lounge passes.

Being so unwell, the last thing I wanted to do was be ripped off and sit on a bench for the night, where I’d definitely get no sleep and feel worse with every passing hour. Not to forget, I had to go to work the very next day and none of this seemed conducive.

There was just one thought in my head, β€œdear Angels, please help”. This was an unconditional prayer.

Not knowing how I would be helped, I believed that if I had asked for Divine Intervention, I would receive it.

After arriving at the boarding pass counter, for some reason, my baggage was weighed to the full 15 KGs limit (all excess), but I only had to pay INR 100 (less than $2 USD). Divine Intervention was definitely at work. Sighing with relief, I headed to security check.

With a little boost in my spirit from this occurrence, I decided that if I had saved money on the baggage, I might as well splurge and allow myself lounge access. Even if I had to pay for it. When I went to the lounge however, their machine seemed broken, and was unable to scan my card. Because of this, there was no way of knowing that I was out of free passes.

The gentleman at the desk told me that I could come back out once I had dinner, and try getting it scanned again. I asked him, if there was a limit on how long I can stay in the lounge, and he said a couple hours. But when I went back (because I’m honest like that), there was someone else at the desk.

It felt like he was an Angel in disguise, who made sure I had a place to crash for the night.

That night, I enjoyed a restful sleep on a comfortable recliner, and a fresh and warm cooked dinner – for free. πŸ™‚

My Conclusion : You may not receive help in the way YOU want it, but it will be exactly what you need to cross from point A to point B. The law of attraction isnt just about what you want – it’s about what you need. After and before this, I’ve always had to pay excess baggage, and the card always goes through for lounges. But the one time I needed it the most, the Universe had my back!

#2 – How I manifested a cheap One Plus phone.

The flagship mobile, One Plus was growing increasingly popular in 2017, when I was growing tired of buying average-priced phones that died on me within a year. I decided to upgrade to something more expensive that I’d heard would stick around. But I couldn’t afford it.

EMI was beyond my pride. But I was sure THIS was the phone I wanted. Week after week, my determination remained the same – I would buy this phone, but at a price I could afford it with. And indeed, something amazing started to happen.

Literally out of the blue, I was shifted to a short-term project at work that gifted coupons for the most efficient employee of the week, where I immediately bagged a coupon for $35. Then, my office decided to give us one, too, for around $85 a couple days later. Just coz.

It seemed like a miracle, but it was really just the Law of Attraction, at its finest.

I checked back in on Amazon to see the pricing for the phone. Apparently, that week, my credit card seemed to have tied-up with a cashback service, which rendered me another $30 discount.

But to top it all, after all those weeks of patience, I was now also being offered a better exchange value against my old device. The value had hiked up from $40 to $55.

Effectively, a phone that would have costed me $500, ended up costing me around $300!

And this was all because I sat tight with the faith, that there is no hurdle for the universe to make something accessible for me. And that I would have this phone with me at a price I could afford.

The One Plus 5T is still my trusted friend after 2.5 years, and if I have it my way, I’ll use it for 2.5 more!

My Conclusion : Manifestation is not necessarily immediate, but it is certain. And when it happens, it is always a LOT more than you asked for!

#3 – How the Law of Attraction helped materialize Sadhguru’s course for Inner Engineering for FREE

The Inner Engineering program had my attention since 2017, ever since I first heard about Sadhguru and his mystical musings with Shiva. But for some reason or the other, I was never able to enroll.

In June 2019, I determined that I would go to Coimbatore. But when I looked up the itinerary, it was a costly affair. The course and the flights combined, was something that would cost a lot more than my unemployed self was willing to shell out.

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From reading so many of his books, I knew numerous stories about how Sadhguru helps people even without meeting them. So, I had an inner dialogue stating that if his course was meant to reach me, it would.

If he was meant to help me, and I truly believed he was, he would.

For October 2019, Sadhguru announced his arrival to New Delhi for the Inner Engineering program. At the time though, it was as if things were not meant to be. I had travel plans booked for the exact dates that Sadhguru would conduct the event.

By that point, I lost hope and let it go. I decided that I would continue reading his books and watching videos to gather the most I could. Until Diwali came.

My friend sent me her friend’s Whatsapp Status, which said that the Inner Engineering program was being offered for free, online. And that blessed day was the last day to sign up. This was a Diwali gift from Sadhguru, and it seemed to be one just for me!

My Conclusion : There are countless learning resources, and countless people in the world that can help us. But sometimes, when you feel a strong connection to someone, there’s a possibility that there’s more in store. If you really believe in the relationship, and it isn’t turning toxic for you in anyway, then trust that things will conspire for you soon. πŸ™‚

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These are just some of my favorite and more significant stories. But there’s a LOT more that happens to me, on a regular basis.

Example, everytime I need parking, I simply ask ‘parking please?’ out-loud. My family is a witness to this – 99.99% times, I’ve received that parking, and almost always, right infront of the place we need to go!

My Conclusion About the Law of Attraction

Life cannot always be happy and rosy, but most of the times we don’t necessarily have to hit rock bottom to learn a life lesson, or to repay our karma.

We can create a reality through our determination and belief, where we continue to evolve spiritually, in a healthier and happier way.

Ultimately, the law of attraction is simply choosing the minor details of what we want as a part of our Soul’s learning plan. In most cases, the Universe will align your desires. If it doesn’t, its only because the lesson you need, cannot be received through that avenue.

Sometimes, after a lesson has been learned, the avenue becomes accessible. For instance, I wanted to switch my job in 2018, I was absolutely desperate to leave the organization I was working at. There were literally NO interview requests coming through.

However, the moment I agreed to get married and join the family business with my husband, I received 3 phone calls back to back in the span of a week!

Conclusion? I WAS meant to leave my job, but I wasn’t supposed to take another one. J

Fascinating thing, this Law of Attraction! What do you think?

Love & Light,


Vasundhra Gupta is a Spiritual and Self-care writer who runs the blog My Spiritual Shenanigans. She enjoys talking about spirituality from a practical as well as metaphysical angle. You can check out more of her work on Quora and Instagram.

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  • Yesterday I had a Doctors appointment but did not realize I was running 10 minutes behind my planned departure time. I did not want to be late and I had to go to Cedar Bluff. I turned it over to God with the absolute belief He was there for me and got there exactly on time with all green lights (at least 8).

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