Love Letter to the Universe

Love Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Do you remember those long walks we used to take together? Were you with me when my mind was blown? Was it with you? Is there some plan or purpose for me, or is whatever I want really available in this moment?

Universe, if it pleases you, I may call you Source, or God, or Creator… or maybe even Divine. There are so many questions that I feel I might be taking too much of your time in their being asked. There is something in me,which believes that I am in you, and you are in me. Can this really be so?

Does the same energy flow through me that makes the flowers bloom? The same intelligence working in me which causes the rains to replenish the earth and the sun to help create life? Do my thoughts really help create the world around us? What of war? Do you want peace? I hope so.

Is what I am learning now, different from what I knew as a child? Am I simply to forget what has been programmed into me by those with good and ill intentions? Do we receive more of what we are, and do, for others? Does any of what happens in this life matter? Why do I feel compelled to thank you when I am at peace and blame you when I am discontent?

Many have loved me, but none like you. I have loved many, but none as much as I love you. It is as if you were pulsing through my veins and within each of my thoughts. There are seldom words to describe the secrets we share. We speak in a language that I cannot use with others. When I seek you, it becomes more likely that I will be lost in the seeking, rather than find you. If I offer my soul to others, I find you sitting there, waiting to share a cup of coffee.

Pardon my queries and my observations. This letter is intended to offer only love. There is nothing in me that you have not given. For that, I thank you. Nothing I have experienced has come from anything, or anyone, other than you. And it is true, that I am in you, and that you are in me. Both of us caught between two seemingly conflicting worlds.

I noticed you the other day in the woods behind my house. My questions were swirling through my mind and my place within you was not as certain. Am I really free to create your will with you? I noticed you in the woods behind my house, but when I turned, you were in front of me, whispering, “love, love, love.”

It is, at times, as if all of this is a dream. All of these wishes and wants, needs and demands, likes and dislikes. If it were possible to hide from the world and be only in you I would. What I am realizing more and more as I grow older, is that to hide from the world, is to hide from you. We are in and of a world which is filled with you, but often denies knowing you, in any real way.

This letter is for you. To thank you and to let you know of my love. I have been receiving your love letters all of my life. Delivered by the smile of caring parents, the friends that have since gone, the little loves, and the one true love of my life. You sing to me in the voices of birds. You comfort me in the smiles of children. You share your creation as a gift to me each day. I am compelled to say, “I cannot repay you” and then I hear, “I never asked you to repay me.”

For me, it is only to be thankful. To love you, and by extension, to offer love to others. Is it only for me to play your games of desire and detachment? To both want and not need, to worry not for myself, and to receive the signals pulsing through the days of this life. To offer, when I am able, peace, kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Somehow I feel I must confess, that I am not perfect, and then realize, you never asked me for perfection. On occasion, I feel I love you in less than every way, and realize you only asked that I love, in any way. When I close my eyes to dream, or to rest, and think of all that is possible, I realize that the possibility is determined by my willingness to follow you, to flow with you, and to allow you to flow through me.

So, this is a love letter to you, Source, or God, or Creator, or maybe even Divine. Only saying I see you. Letting you know that I suspect you have loved me longer than I know. In ways that I have not considered. And, hoping, there is some way, I might love you, also. If I melt into you, let it be. If I allow you to shine through me, let that be, as well. We are a good team, you and me, but you are the star… oh, so many stars.



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