The Why

The Why

Life gets busy. Sometimes it gets so busy that we forget to be amazed with living. There are those that say we should raise our mental vibration or create desire in our minds. Others say we should expect miracles or create a vision board. At the same time, we hear that we should appreciate what we have and be grateful for the small things in life, work toward giving ourselves away, or share what we have with others.

What fascinates me, is that all of this advice, swirling around the internet, in our homes, in volumes of books, and if the truth were told, racing through our minds, creates an uneasiness with life, rather than contentment. It makes me wonder if my grandparents were content, even before all of this “great advice” became available at every turn on the restless road we all seem to be traveling. I also wonder if there was a time, when I was truly content, only to live a day without worry for myself or those around me.

With all respect to Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, and Joe Dispenza, I find myself asking “why”. And with respect for the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Gautama Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and Lao Tzu, I wonder what was wrong in the first place? Tony Robbins, Joel Olsteen, Daymond John, and Steve Harvey, each make a living, playing on the discontent of others.

What is saddening about all of this, is the fact, that we as humans, need to be guided. Guided into believing that we are not what we are meant to be. And as far as making a living at these things, it is only the fault of those who pay for such guidance, when so much edification exists at no cost. If there is no perceived value, even if great value exists, consumers will not take good advice. People have been programmed to pay for things, especially in the West. If it was free, it must not have had real value.

This question has been with me for a long time. As a growing child, I heard how important the sacred text was, to the divine, and to our home. I saw money being placed in a plate each week at a Sunday service. After it was collected, and taken to the front of a sanctuary, it was prayed over, and then taken to the back to be counted. What shocked me was not the importance of the sacred text, or the accepting of money, but the fact that there were sacred texts offered for sale in the first place.

I am not a spiritual person, nor am I a great capitalist. My days are spent with pursuits other than finding God or building an empire. Great pursuits for some, but I need smaller goals for a day’s living. What I understand is this, all of what we aspire to is an illusion, just as where we think we are starting from, is an illusion. Though what we have and experience may be real in some ways, the way we perceive what is happening, may cast a different light, on what is true. None of that worries me. In fact, it makes things more exciting.

I have been very happy in stressful situations and I have seen very little light shine or extremely bright days. At times I needed help, and other times I had so much I had to fret over how to use it all. Parts of my life were spent in the company of friends and parts of my life were lived alone. All of these… illusions.

I have been cursed and I have sent well wishes. I have been a respected leader and I have been considered a disruption. I have believed a thing, and then another, and then another, and then another. I have been both beaten, and helped, by the police.I have felt the warmth of a lover’s touch and I have walked miles away from love, through a snow storm. It has been a big life. But now, to answer  the question, “why?”

Smiles. This is what it can all be reduced to. I enjoy the smiles I have seen, the smiles I suspect I have helped create, and the smiles that come across my own face. Certainly anyone can smile, and certainly anyone can create a smile. Sometimes, just by smiling themselves. They say smiles are contagious. I have never been real sure on how to sell smiles, but I am sure I can figure that out. For now, I draw silly pictures, tell silly jokes, and listen for any sign that might help me know, how to create another smile.

You might say that smiles do not last, and you would be correct. They do, however, have an effect. Smiling helps everyone. The mission of this website, and of my family, and for me, is to change the world, one smile at a time. This is fun, easy, and shows immediate results. When we do not feel like smiling, we can come back to it later. Not a religion by any means, but religions could learn to use the mission (not in the aforementioned, Joel Olsteen, style). Smiling will not get you rich quick, but it will make your life richer. Smiling is the simplest of actions, yet it leaves impressions on the heart and soul. It is what is stirred inside ourselves that creates the smile, that matters most.

Smiling leads to peace. Smiling leads to joy. Smiling leads to learning what is important for us, individually. The secret is to know who you are smiling for. If you smile for others to see you a certain way, it may make sense to spend time with yourself alone and practice smiling for it’s own sake. For only your sake. You deserve to smile. Something inside you will compel you to smile. If you need help, check out my book on “how to smile”, available today for only $19.99 in our web store… JUST KIDDING! Maybe you could smile because you are as awesome as you once suspected you were. When times were simpler and when consumerism and social pressure had not yet convinced you that you needed something more. Happy people do not buy “stuff”.

Peace to your week, peace to your heart, and peace to the smile that will come from within. Song of the week might be Joy to the World, by Three Dog Night, courtesy of YouTube and BloomingProud.

My son has a perspective that is shared on his blog, He is much smarter than I will ever be, and his heart is kind beyond measure.

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