How We Learn To Give

How We Learn To Give

Giving can be easy. Sometimes giving is hard. It might look like a monetary gift or it could be listening just a little more closely than is expected. You may know someone that could be described as, “very giving”, and you may know another that seems to be just the opposite. Whatever we think we know, there are a few things to consider when thinking about how we learn to give.

It is worth noting, that a good giver, never reveals that they have given. Giving freely, means giving without the need for accolades, praise, or anything in exchange. Any giving, however, is better than no giving at all, and helps the world along. Sometimes, the praise we offer those who give, is just us giving also, and is good. Any form of giving, even if it is motivated by self interest, has some merit. Afford some grace to others, and yourself, when it comes to giving.

We may learn to give in different ways. What we give, may also be determined by outside influences. This article is simple. There will be no call to give to any organization at the end, and these words are offered only for consideration. Before we get to how we learn to give, just a brief thought on “what” we give.

First, and this may seem contradictory to musings on how we learn to give, it is impossible to give. Everything that we have to give, has been given to us. We may think, “we worked hard for what we have”, we were given the ability to work hard. We might also say things like, “never have we asked anyone for anything”, yet somehow, we were given opportunity. We might believe we know who deserves our gifts and who does not. We do not know those things. We all deserve good things. Ours is only to share, and to share to whatever degree we are comfortable. But the first steps are to be grateful, to understand that what we have is a product of our efforts, but also, the efforts of the universe.

We have all given something of what we have, something of ourselves, our time, or simply the gift of “being there”, at some point in our lives. Some tend to give to others more than themselves, but giving to ourselves is important also.

We may give a compliment, we may give some amount of money, or we may give a note written in love. Whatever we give, the act is essential to our feeling of purpose in life. We learn to give by the examples we have seen, but the most important way we learn to give is by doing. Big offerings or small, the size of the gift does not matter.

The act of giving, anything, helps us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Feel good when you give. Dwell in the space that is created when you think you have helped someone with a problem.

There is no problem with being satisfied for a time after doing some small deed for a person or organization. There should also be no guilt associated with doing a thing for yourself. Giving is fundamental to the feeling it takes to make it through the day. In giving, we are most closely united with the divine.

About the divine. Steve Harvey is convinced God gave him a car. Joel Olsteen believes he deserves the millions of dollars he takes from those that give to “his ministry”. All love to these and those like them, but it is a trick. Steve Harvey is correct in thanking God for a car, but selling the notion that God wants to give everyone a car is a stretch.

Joel Olsteen deserves the millions of dollars only if he realizes he is a salesman of satisfaction, convincing his followers that they have done something for the creator by funding his bank account.

We are selling postcards now. Eventually we will be selling shirts, books, and a number of other things. They will promote peace, love, happiness, joy, and other good things, but for the love of all that is holy, understand that I am doing it for the money.

Yes, I will share, but to confuse a vocation with a calling is how, people that claim to be putting money into, or taking money out of, God’s bank account, go terribly wrong. If you like it, buy it. If you decide to print it and sell it, send me some money later. This is how it is with everything I post here and also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I always, every time, need the karma more than the money.

As for money. Here is one way to teach the process, the feeling, and the action, of giving. Ask your children where to give $5 or $10 through a website and paid on your debit card. Do this every week.

You do not need to be a million dollar contributor and it can be a different organization every week. This allows children to research and decide in their minds if a charity is worth contributing to, or even if giving at all, is worth the effort. It is a very small price to pay to hear how your children think about the world and about what is important to them.

We have all heard it said that it is better to give than to receive. I have no opinion on that, but I do know for most of us, giving is easier. Receiving is more difficult than giving, because we are approaching a situation from a different angle. There is an article on how to receive things here.

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Here I go, asking you to give help, right after I said we would not be seeking contributions. I promise you will not receive unexpected money because you shared the article. Nothing terrible will happen if you do not share the article. I do hope you enjoy the blog and that there is some peace in, and also waiting for, you.

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