Five Ways To Receive Good Things

Five Ways To Receive Good Things

Thousands of books, articles, and speeches have been written on how we can create a better future. Recommendations include praying harder or believing it will happen. Some say creating a vision board helps, while others suggest wearing sacred pendants. Some suggest the method of contributing to the prosperity of preachers.

Perhaps these are great morsels of wisdom. Perhaps they are not. In the words of my earthly mother, “whatever floats your boat.”

Steve Harvey is big on saying “we have not because we ask not.”

Regardless of any of these suggestions, and without a consideration of how to manipulate the universe into gifting us with what we want, I propose this. We lack an understanding of how to receive what is given. No amount of kindness, grace, mercy, compassion, or even material items, can be given well, without our receiving them well. Whether we believe we do not deserve a thing, or whether we feel guilty for having received a thing, the result is the same. What follows is a list of five ways to receive good things from the universe.

With Humility

There is a difference in humility and self degradation. The Tao Te Ching speaks of water as being humble. Always staying low and following whatever path is least resistant, yet water is essential to life. Whatever you have been given (it may be that you deserved it or not) should be accepted with the understanding that it is temporal. If you have wealth, accept it without becoming impressed with wealth. As happiness finds it’s way to you, enjoy it for the time it lingers. When friends come and go, cover them with love as they flow in both directions. Our character might very well be what helps us to receive, but should never be shaped by what we receive.

With Gratitude

Some of us are afraid to be truly grateful for a gift, because it may be stolen away. All of us have several blessings for which to be grateful. While some are thankful for each breath, others only complain about the air they breathe. As one complains about the year, make, and model of her or his vehicle, another is content and happy to be able to walk. A person in one country complains about the condition of a toilet seat, while a brother or sister in another country is thankful not to have lost one of his child from the diarrhea caused by raw sewage being dumped into the drinking supply. It matters not what we are thankful for, only that we find something for which to be grateful.

Without Question

When we receive a thing, we should not worry for the how(s), the why(s), or the distribution of such gifts. We do all deserve good things. Some of us receive more than others. One of the ways we seek to answer the questions that arise with our receiving, is by determining that “we worked for it”, while others did not. This is an illusion. All that is received is given. Whether it is given without merit, or as a result of our being given the ability to “work for it”, everything is a gift. What others receive is determined by what they are able to receive and their version of what is considered real. We are only obligated to accept the kindness given to us by the universe, without question.

With Others In Mind

Though it seems like a contradiction to the point just made about accepting things without question, we should receive with others in mind. Before we become proud of our ability to share, or to give good things, we must accept that all we have was given. We should be compelled to give, not for the hope of receiving more, but for the process itself. The secret is, that we, just like the universe,  should give. Both to those that are giving, and also to those that are not able to give. This should never be the reason for receiving with others in mind. Life is cyclical. Some call it karma, some call it tikkun, and others call it paying it forward. There should be some measure of sharing with everything we receive. Sharing is the easiest way to be one with the always giving universe.

With Open Hearts

Whatever the universe is offering, we should always be ready to receive. Always with an open heart. By open heart, it is meant to say, that we trust the universe enough to believe it wants for us what is ultimately, and only, good. Trust is a hard road to travel, especially when we never fully understand where that road leads. What is gained by receiving everything with an open heart is nothing short of peace. Ultimately, peace is the only thing that we cannot receive, but must generate on our own through the acceptance that whatever we receive is meant for good. For ourselves only. No matter how tempted we are, we may only receive what is meant for us with an open heart, and never for others.

You may ask yourself if these five ways of receiving apply to everything that can be received. This is a good question, and the extent to which you consider it, is the extent to which you will be able to use these five methods. They are not all required for everything, but at least one or two do apply to anything that we receive. They are offered here for your consideration.

What the author knows to be true is this.

Vision boards and missionaries driving $100,000 Land Rovers are a part of life on earth these days. Crystals used for healing and the belief that something will manifest is fine for those that use such tools. Prayer is a fine thing also, though it tends to be a “bitch session” or the laying out of a master plan that we as humans believe is much better than the designs the Divine has placed before us. There is no secret to receiving. What is hardest is the “ask”.

Our attentions spans are short. Some will believe this relatively short blog is too long. Some will ask for more information. We want one thing only for a short time and we do not take time to “decide” to want anything for more than a few days at a time. Anything in the world is available, and we ask for a million little things in a million fragmented thoughts, every day. We have so many choices it becomes difficult to decide what we truly want. What we receive is often times the only signal to the universe asking for what we want. If we do not know what we want, we cannot know what to receive.

Before this becomes an article on how to get what you really want, let me say this. Nothing that you want, or receiving what you want, will make you happy. Peace will not be attained in the future “if only” this or that was given to us. The universe is so close to us, and we to it, that we are one. As someone who has had very little at times, and also very much in others, I am pressed to convey that the only thing worth pursuing is that which is already here.

This is true, so much so, that it is not outrageous, for us to believe we already possess a thing, before we possess a thing. What matters is the feeling. If we are open to receiving goodness, peace, and happiness, without regard for how it will be given, we will receive those and more.

Finally, what we want is what we want. There is no good or bad desire. There is no good or bad gift from the universe. If we want more of one thing and less of another, these are only our preferences, and are all given in the same measure. It is only for us to choose, or in most instances, only for us to realize we have the capacity to receive. We should reserve judgement. Both for what others receive and also for what we receive.

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