What We See

What We See

Often, as we do the things the days require, we see the same things. We, also, think we know what is around the same familiar corner, or even, up ahead. There is very little along our way that surprises us, inspires us, or entices our considerations. Plainly stated, we believe we have seen all there is to see.

And I say believe with some intent. Our beliefs tend to be the same. We believe we know what the mystery of God is, we believe we know what foods we are willing to consume, and we believe we know who is our friend or foe. Our home is the same, our religion is the same, our job is the same, and our willingness to help others is the same.

For months, I have been walking the same path. I see the same animals, insects, flowers, and trees. Today, I walked the same path, but looked at things in a different way. I followed the flight of the butterflies just a bit further. When I saw the same tree from earlier, I examined the individual leaves. Rather than think about all I had to do when I returned home, I was thankful for the gift of the moment. It was new again.

Also, this week, I tried a food that for fifty years of my life I had not eaten. I taught myself, with the help of a hungry twelve year old, how to grill dinner. When I felt happy to see someone, I spoke words describing my excitement for and to those people. When I met with those who I had trouble with in the past, I tried not to judge. I am no example of how to do anything, but this week, I tried to change just for the sake of change.

I changed my thoughts, my viewpoints, my prejudices, my way of doing things. There is no way to tell what about my life will change as a result, but this week, if normally I would turn right, I turned left. If always I thought the worst, I thought the best. When I drove the same road, I made a point to see something different along the way.

There are only a few things to say, about how we think and what we see. We know so little about the world. It is even, that we know so little, about ourselves. My goal is not nirvana, or enlightenment, or salvation. Anything I do for others is in some way only helping myself. Whatever I decide to give has been given to me, and is therefore, at best, only sharing. Change is a simple vehicle for seeing the world differently. For seeing possibilities yet unseen.

How we spend our time in thought matters. What we say to others, but mostly, to ourselves, means a great deal. Love abounds and peace is possible more than we care to concede. Do we think we know enough of the world to say anything other than this? We do not. Are we so full of knowledge that we are able to project our negativity into the future of events and lives? We are not.

If we must judge a person or a thing, why not do it with mercy? When our opinions are sought about a situation, why not speak with possibility and positive projections? If we find ourselves with five, ten, or thirty minutes of free time, why not put down the phone and offer love and light to a world that will benefit from such things. We can make a difference with only a thought. God knows we have so many of those during a day’s time.

These things we think, all come from the same mind that drives while doing other things, that is able to keep a conversation going while planning our evening, and bring us back to the question of what we see. Our thoughts are informed by what we see. What we see is determined in large part, not by coincidence or happenstance, but by what we choose. If it is that we need a sign before we act in love, kindness, and hope, I have included one above this article. The sign is made, mostly for me, and my thoughts. I am happy to share.

The same twelve year old that helped me learn to grill told me, that it does not matter if we are rich or poor, we all need kindness. He also said that being rich or poor does not change our ability to perform acts of kindness. Perhaps he is teaching me to do more than grill a meal. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is done without a thought placing it in motion. Everything there is began in someone’s mind. Why not contribute a good vibe to the dream of the world.

Religion will tell you to think good thoughts for some reward or a pleasant final destination. Governments will tell you to think patriotic thoughts to keep the order of the law and economies thriving. Partners and acquaintances will tell you to think good thoughts to fulfill their emotional needs. Charities will tell you to think good thoughts in order to generate funds (even if for a good cause). The thought I am asking you to consider is different than these, though, on some level, might affect me in a positive way.

See those around you. Surround them with love in your mind. If you cannot afford a gift in the physical plane, offer them a gift in your imagination. It feels just as good, and I promise, that gift will make a difference in them and you. In the same way, offer gifts to those that have harmed you, to those that have blessed you, and those that you have yet to meet. Dream a better dream for the world. The dreamers of the world are suffering from insomnia. There are too many nightmares. We need a different dream.

It is true that everything is impermanent. Flowers fade, death is near, and people are treated unfairly. Is it not true, however, that flowers also bloom, babies grace the universe, and millions of acts of kindness go unnoticed? We do not betray ourselves to think of living without regard for dying. There is no shame in praising the good with no concern for the bad. We are all collections of energy and thoughts. What if we used that energy and thought to create more what is alive and not to mourn what is passed? And what if we chose to see the pulse of love in the universe rather than the negative reaction to that pulse of love?


Will you share what you think?