11 Ways To Find Happiness

11 Ways To Find Happiness

It all seems so easy to some. To some it is quite difficult. We can make it a big deal or we can take it as it comes. Tony Robbins might bottle it and sell it in a seminar. Steve Harvey might use it to promote a business venture. We can dress it up and charge for a book on its replication or we can fake it and post it on Facebook. Here are some things we can do to find happiness… on the house.

  1. Realize You Do Not Have To Be Happy. One of the easiest ways to find happiness is to quit looking for happiness. Happiness is not the Holy Grail of emotions and is just one of many that are necessary for a meaningful life. Whether you pursue it or not, happiness will come and go. Welcome it when it comes. Allow it to leave when it goes. Happiness is like the sun. Though it sets for a time, it will rise again in our lives. You do not have to be happy.
  2. Understand That You Are Whole. You are not perfect, but you are perfectly you. There are so few things in this universe that are perfect and it makes little sense for that to be a requirement for ourselves. We all have the potential for happiness. We all have the potential for goodness. That potential is what defines us at any given moment, because it is all there is in any given moment. Our past is imagined in futile ways. Our potential is imagined in ways that make the present, and all its possibilities, unimaginably wonderful. You are whole.
  3. Be Thankful. Be thankful on purpose. Keep a record of anything you are thankful for and tell stories, about what, especially people, you are thankful for. When someone asks how you are, be ready to tell a story of goodness. Be thankful.
  4. Meditate. This is as easy as breathing. This can be prayer, though at times prayer can feel like a wish list or recommended plan for the divine to carry out our will. Worry little for what thoughts come into your mind as you take deep breaths, but practice letting them go as soon as they arrive. Use affirmations or mantras if you like. Say the Lord’s Prayer if you like. What is important is that we take some time to focus on something other than what we think we know. Meditate.
  5. Make Someone Smile. Say thank you to the fry guy at McDonald’s in a genuine way or help a neighbor with whatever task they may be completing. Send a random text or even a greeting or post card to a friend or new acquaintance. Look someone in the eye and smile for no reason at all and say something like, “I’ve waited my whole life for this day, and I got to meet you”. Make someone smile.
  6. Do It or Forget It. We all have a thousand things to do that we cannot do at once. This does not stop our brain from assaulting us with item after item that we feel like we have to remember. Keep a note pad and write it down if it is important, or do what is required at the moment, or let it go. Do it or forget it.
  7. Get Some Sleep. Everybody knows our bodies need to gain energy each day and that this is why we sleep. It might sound cool, or like we are super ambitious if we sacrifice sleep for our jobs, but there are things that happen to our mind, body, and soul, when we sleep that make our days easier. We have to dream or we will fall into a world without dreams and that is not a world worth creating. The world looks better after some rest. Get Some Sleep.
  8. Tell Good Stories About Others. We all know someone who has only negative things to say about people and we all know someone who speaks about others in a positive way. Which person do you prefer to have a conversation with? Would you trust them with your reputation more if all their stories were negative or if they were overly optimistic about those being discussed? We could all be fired or promoted at any given moment. In life and most often our jobs. See the pluses. Tell good stories about others.
  9. Give Yourself a Break. This is not rocket science (unless, of course, you happen to be a rocket scientist). We tend to be critical of ourselves and try too hard to achieve goals that are not humanly possible. Sure we can change the world, but changing the world for one is as great an accomplishment as changing it for thousands. Yes we can want better for our children, but better for our children might mean they are content, not more prosperous. Give yourself a break.
  10. Be a Beginner. As the day begins again, so you should begin again. The sun gives the same light, but that light falls on something new each day. You may build on what you know, but know always that what you know will be shaped by what you find every day. Always be willing to learn. Be a beginner.
  11. Keep a Secret. Do something good for someone and keep it a secret. Help a homeless person, or give a donation, or mow someone’s lawn, but keep it a secret. If you believe there is a God or if you do not, do a thing and let that be enough. However you do a thing, do a thing with secrecy. Keep a secret.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it is my list. Whether you do one or all eleven, you will find it helps in the pursuit of happiness. I am so confident in my recommendations that I am offering a money back guarantee, though no money has been exchanged (one of the things I do for my own happiness). You can find more stories of positive thought on RestingTimes.com or our Facebook page. If you are so inclined, you might even visit CompassionWaves.com to find ways to raise funds for your group or simply purchase greeting and post cards. There are my plugs. Have a happy day/night.

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