There are a million reasons to be inspired. Most are in nature, but also there are hundreds of thousands of videos on the internet that want to motivate you to do a thing. Amazon, bookstores, libraries, are all filled with books that seek to encourage growth and promote the idea of you, being a better version, of you. What is it all worth? All of this information on how to achieve something different in our lives?

That depends on whether you believe the hype. That depends on whether we are talking retail value or actual worth. Perhaps because there is so much information available for free, any information lacks significance. Perhaps because there is always a “special offer” at the end of a video, or a “special course” available after a book is read, offerings of help seem hollow. Nothing is free. Or is it?

I remember the televangelist Robert Tilton offering Miracle Spring Water in exchange for “sowing a seed into his ministry”. This, as it turns out, was only a different way of saying send him a check. He did send me, at no cost, a poster of himself with his right hand held high, printed on newsprint, in order for me to pray with his image and receive a miracle. He must have done well enough on the spring water to afford that “free” gift. If I remember correctly, the poster admonished me to send in a monetary gift when it became available to me.

Even the more mainstream religions offer things like peace, joy, contentment, and a “relationship with God”, after we conform to a particular belief system or lifestyle. Our country does it. Our neighbors do it. Our teachers in school did it. Even our parents, to some degree, did this for us when we were children. We were taught right from wrong, true, but we were taught right from wrong based on what others believed was right or wrong. Freedom comes from knowing for ourselves what is right with the world, and even about God.

In our figuring all of this out for ourselves, we have all these offerings of help. We have all of these motivators, these gurus, these self-help speakers, these seminars, sermons, and services. To some they are helpful. To some they are defeating. This is an industry. This is a business. This is, due to our lack of ability to cut the proverbial cord of what we have been trained to do and believe, a necessary trade.

While some might suspect the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard are easily seen as outrageous, they may not know why the never put a cup of tea on a sacred text. While some might believe with certainty that a child should not be “spanked” in public, they may never consider the consequences of their son or daughter witnessing the constant fighting between them and their spouse. What some see so clearly, others struggle with daily. There appears to be no common or universal way to inspire people.

This is the first step in inspiring everyone. Realizing there is no universal way to inspire, because people are in different places in life. They may be comfortable in a group of people for a while, but eventually, they will grow at different rates than those in a group. Groups and organizations are not bad. They help for a while. Growing together is better than not growing at all. Growth is the answer to becoming inspired. Just a small amount of growth provides a lot of inspiration.

If you have not exercised in years, exercise one day, for five minutes. If you have exercised for three hours a day for years, take a break. If you have not given consideration to the wonders of the world in some time, say thank you for the sunrise. If you spend all your time being grateful, share what you have once in a while. It is not important what we do, but it is important that we do things just a shade differently each day, in order to make room for the grace that comes with not doing a thing perfectly.

Watch videos, read books, take classes, attend groups, but in the end, use these things to be just a little at unease, to learn a new thing (not with what videos, books, classes, or groups teach, but a new thing about yourself), and breathe deep on occasion. And when it comes time to be inspired, when you need just one little push to help get you through the day, know that the only thing you can put forth into the world that has any chance of growing, is the encouragement of another.

Wayne Dyer, either quoted or said, “Nobody ever got wet by saying the word water“. If you want to be inspired, inspire. If you want to be encouraged, be encouraging. If you want to be grateful, express gratitude. Here is the rub. Here is the sticking point for most. Whatever you want to do for others, do for yourself also.

Take time to realize your being a part of something that is good. Take an inventory of all the great things about who and what you are. Worry little for the things that you view as wrong or imperfect. We need you just the way you are. A very wise man once told me, “Perfect is the enemy of good”.

Nothing is perfect in this world, but it is perfectly fine. If you have the desire to be better, enjoy the fact that you have the desire to be better and do not be overly concerned with what you want to improve. If someone crosses your mind, take time to send them a note or make a call. If you feel like you need to take a walk, take a walk. If you feel like you cannot go on, give up for a few minutes and understand that nothing was hurt by you taking a moment for yourself. You are the very manifestation of what the Creator needs in the world at this moment. Enjoy.


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