Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

There is something about a shooting star that makes me happy. This morning I have seen four. There is something about memories also, that make me happy. This morning I have had more than my share. Good, bad, it does not matter, they are only memories.

This morning I have taken time to forgive, to dream, to meditate, to plan for the future, though futures are rarely predictable enough to construct a plan. For me, this week is about vacation. For me, this week is about relaxing and recharging. While before the week began I believed my home was as good a place as any to relax, I admitted yesterday that there is something about the beach, a swimming pool, and the chance to get away that helps in a way that simply taking time off from work at home would not have provided.

My restlessness has calmed a bit. My wanting to know everything about everything at work has subsided. My gratitude has increased. My blood pressure, though not measured, has certainly gone down. Part of me wants to stay forever and a part of me wants to get back to the tasks I left in my hometown and at work. I have always had an unease about the easiness of vacation. My family’s joy makes it more comfortable for me.

Nothing about my life is stressful enough to warrant a vacation. Nothing about what I do for a living or for fun makes it something I run towards. When I return to my routines, I will be as grateful for the bed in which I sleep as the shooting stars I saw this morning. There is something about this trip that makes me want to do more than what I have been doing. There is something about this trip that has opened up possibility, as a possibility, in my mind.

Knowing that there are resources in the world. Knowing that there are disposable incomes. My attention has not turned toward how to take money from others in mass quantities so that I might take two vacations instead of one each year, but simply to move money around in the world. To be a facilitator of the transferring of funds. Also, I have committed myself to sharing what I have learned over some years… fifty years as of this week… and to help others where they find themselves in life. To help others see that it is good to dream good dreams and to believe that God wants what is good for them, as much or more, than what is good for God alone.

What has the Creator done for us other than give? What in the world of what we control could possibly benefit the Creator? I have heard it said that we should “give God the glory”. I have heard it said that we should “give the church ten percent of our income”. I have heard it said that we should “receive God into our hearts”.

Rather than glory, we might give thanks. Rather than letting a religious organization hold onto ten percent of our income, we might practice giving without anyone knowing. Rather than receiving God into our hearts, perhaps we might try to melt into God for a change (it is not like oil and water).

When what I expect from the universe is goodness, goodness is what I see. When I expect trouble from the universe, trouble shows up at my door. When I dream a good dream, my mind is at ease. When I imagine negative things, I worry about so many things over which I have no control.

There is a goodness inside of us. There is, by virtue of being born, a divinity inside of us. To what extent we grow that goodness and nurture that divinity is entirely up to us. This is concerning to those that wish to control how God is perceived. This bothers those that want to define what “goodness” looks like. Mostly, it bothers religious people who are more concerned with belief, not because they want others to have correct belief, but because without people having their particular belief, they will have no control or satisfaction in their “correctness”.

It is this. God is a big thing. Bigger than what can be imagined. We are little things. Unable to comprehend all that is God. This may seem uncomfortable at first. If this is so, look at a newborn. If we are tempted to “convert” a soul to our way of belief, we should offer only a cup of water to someone who thirsts. The saddest part of the Western world for me, is that there are divinity schools which compete with each other for enrollment, theological correctness, and which breed mini versions of themselves to go out and replicate complicated reasons for simple things.

If you cannot see God in yourself, then please, as Mother Teresa did when she said, “I see Jesus in every human being. I say to myself, this is hungry Jesus, I must feed him. This is sick Jesus. This one has leprosy or gangrene; I must wash him and tend to him”.

But also see Jesus in those that are happy. The world is not all bad.

And this is that hardest part for everyone I meet. Be willing, and able, and wanting, to see Jesus in yourself. To see God, in yourself. If you do not like Buddha, please do not consider his words. If you do not like Mohammed, then by all means, do not open a Koran. If Jesus is not your proverbial cup of tea, then do not consider his words. But you would be well served to know, that there is a presence in the world, that wants only goodness for you. And you, whether you understand it completely or not, are a part of that goodness for yourself and others.

This is what I celebrate today. While on vacation. That there is goodness in you young man. There is goodness in you young miss. That kindness, love, and peace, though at times is seemingly down for the count, always wins. That one act of kindness will counteract a thousand acts of ill will. All of that, and shooting stars.

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