It is all so predictable. Astronomers are able to predict where each visible star in the night sky might be viewed from any location on earth at any given time. There are apps on our phones that predict, with great accuracy, when the sun will set and when the sun will rise. As much as we (especially me) like to give meteorologists a tough time, even they can predict weather patterns, the coming and going of temperatures, and the likelihood of rain. All of this information, once accumulated by these great minds, is available through the touch of a screen that we carry around in our pockets.

Our relationships at work and in life can be predicted also, through personality profiles, team building exercises, and simple observations. As much as we would like to believe there is nothing that could define us, it is without a doubt, that our behavior or reaction to a thing or situation might be taken into consideration before that thing or situation occurs. Personality profiles are, even as much as I would like to believe they are pseudoscience, are accurate in a very uncanny way. We all want to be heard and valued, but these indicators do help us in knowing “how” we want to be heard and valued.

For those of us that enjoy predictability, there are patterns in nature, human behavior, and even group dynamics that allow us to find rhythm. Some might be comforted by a belief that everything happens for a reason. Some might find solace in knowing there is a destiny. Some will project a belief system onto the happenings in the world in order to deal with and understand the world. These are all common and accepted. For me, they are a little boring, and diminish the change that can be caused in any situation.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of others, and me, always wanting more. Not only do we want more, but our happiness seems contingent on how much more we have. Whether it is a wage, appreciation, a vehicle, a home, or even understanding, we are happy in one moment with a thing, and in the next moment our fancy turns to something else. Something more. It seems so materialistic at times. It seems so self indulgent. Even those that give up worldly possessions, however, are doing so because they want more of another thing. Perhaps peace, praise, or satisfaction.

Buddhists might suggest we not attach ourselves to things. Christians might offer that we should accept that we are “blessed”. Charities would offer their services in redistributing the amount of funds we felt we needed to donate in order to relieve the guilt we generate in our minds, for having so much, when faced with those that have so little. Internet charlatans would offer a plan, where by only buying their program, we could have even more of the things we want in life. All of these things, to me, are side hustles. They are distractions from what is real. And what is real?

For me, what is real, is everything and nothing. For me, there are placebos and cures, either of which serve a purpose, and ultimately, I need not know the difference in the two. I would love to offer advice on this or that thing being a great way to look at life. There is nothing more I would like to give everyone than a formula by which they could determine, and predict, what each decision in their lives should include. I do not sell “miracle water” like Robert Tilton. I have no ritual to offer that will ease suffering. I have no silver bullet to stop all disruption in happiness. But I would suggest that the wanting of “more” is not a negative if we harness the energy for goodness.

What I have to offer, after these years of unease and considerations, is the most predictable thing of all. The sunrise. If you are so inclined and wake later in the day, I might offer the sunset. It is still predictable and offers the same solace. If it helps, spend time with either, and imagine for yourself good things. Do this alone and listen to that thing that is inside of you, but also somehow outside of you. As you observe this phenomenon that was set into motion millions of years ago, hear the voice that wells up inside you to greet,or bid farewell to, the day’s light. Realize that you are both an observer of your life and the person living your life, the creator of Divine will and the pawn in Divine will. Breathe deeply and offer only possibility to yourself and the the pulse of Source, that as far as we are concerned, has no beginning or end.

You may say, as I said, when I heard this advice, “what the hell good will that do?”. That is a fair question. It is only a step. One step. In the direction of peace. What we have in common is that we think we know more than we do. What we also have in common is that no matter how grand a creation we think we are, we have no idea what greatness was used in creating us, or in breathing life into our existence. At once we have the capacity to do great things while at the same time the potential to destroy the world. If that seems heavy, it is. Take each smile as a win. Hear each laugh as a song of victory. Look for the small signs from the Universe that the Universe is working for your good. It is.

Be grateful. Be willing. Be open. Find in others the spark that you know in yourself. For me it is in the sunrise. For you it may be in the eyes of your child. For me it is the pulse of the Divine. For you it may be voice of God. For me it is in nature. For you it might be in a sanctuary or temple. Regardless of where we find the thing that is greater than ourselves, there is a thing that is greater than ourselves, and that thing, no matter what we call it, has done more for us already than we care to admit. We are not self-made, though at times we would like to believe this is so.

There is grace inside you. There is light. There are the building blocks of a peace making machine. You are the product of so many years of love poured into you by generations of family members who only wished the best for you. Continue to pour that love into those you find yourselves around now and feel it coursing through your life. You are loved by many, though you may not know who those many are. Well wishes from me, for certain, but also well wishes from the Source that wants only goodness for you.



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