On Beauty

On Beauty

It is quoted, perhaps from Margaret Wolfe, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Every Sunday morning, around 1:30 am, the eyes that behold beauty, perceive the world through, what is commonly known as, “beer googles”. This happens in every bar, in every city, across the whole of the United States. Beauty, as the saying suggests, is relative. It is relative to the circumstance and the perception of one that seeks such things. What is our first beauty?

We all would love to believe the world is beautiful. We all would love to believe that what happens in life is from a source of beauty. Beauty is subjective, this is so. If a parent is in a good mood, and a child asks why the sky is blue, they may giggle on the inside and mention it in an equally happy conversation with friends. If a parent is burdened by a thing,or working tirelessly on a project, the same question, from the same child, may only provoke a quick answer designed to forget the question and get back to “adult things”.

What is more beautiful than the soul you are, embodied in this human form, with all the abilities you have, creating motion in this world? What is more beautiful than your eyes that gaze back from a mirror you so quickly glance at in order to straighten your outfit for the day? What is more beautiful than your dreams, your inclination to want better for yourself and those you love, or the spirit inside you that longs to, and forgets to, take a deep breath every now and then?

The answer to all of the questions, is simply, “nothing”. We are, by nature, more compelled to find beauty outside of ourselves than within. We ensure that others know their worth while discounting our own worth. We take time to compliment others, all the while, hoping that someone compliments us. We worry for the plight of the world, only to come to the realization that either we are doing too little, or that doing anything will have little merit. We look around a mountain of beauty to see only a small part of beauty.

As I was driving today, I saw a group of clouds gathered in a way that allowed only rays of sunshine through. Most of us, on any given day, associate clouds with gloominess and sunshine with happiness. When clouds and sunshine come together in this way, we think of the heavens. We think of the Divine. We think of promises kept and not broken, dreams that are possible and not easily dashed, and beloved relatives that may or may not be with us in this moment. Is this beauty? Perhaps.

There is the beauty in the proverbial eye of the proverbial holder and there is the beauty that is intrinsic. There are things that are beautiful, regardless of which eye looks upon them. It is not that we should worry for the “how” we perceive things, but with the “that” we perceive things. There is a pulse of beauty in the Universe. A frequency, as it were. Our joy, or at least the ability to understand beauty, is determined by how well we can see beauty in all things. In this way, it is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the ability of the soul of the observer to see beauty.

Only one thing I know for certain about beauty. It is not meant to be, nor can it be, beheld. You cannot capture it in time, in your mind, or in your sight. There is no holding onto beauty because what we find beautiful in one instance will decay in the next. The true beauty found in all things, is that all things are beautiful, regardless of how they are perceived. It is not our eye that determines what is beautiful, it is our heart that permits us to allow beauty to be seen. Some may see “red roses too, and trees of green, and think to themselves what a wonderful world”, but most drive past these things and text a question asking about that evenings dinner.

We are never satisfied. We always want more. What we think will make us happy today, or what we think is beautiful today, will soon fade from our minds. Beauty is not a noun or an adjective. Beauty is the creative process that the Creator allows to unfold in each moment. That process is more dynamic than a person, place, or thing. More alive than a description would allow. We cannot see all that is beautiful in the world, but we can feel the current of the vibration of thought that is used to create the world. Some call this prayer. Some call this meditation. Some call this contemplation.

With all of this said, I am compelled to come back to the point of you. If you are like most of us eternal souls struggling with our mortal bodies, you are likely to imagine that you are many things, but would not describe yourself as beautiful. You may easily see in others, or in nature (from which you were born) a beauty that you somehow believe you do not possess. While the first step of a child may seem like a miracle to you, you might begrudge having to walk across the kitchen to pour a glass of water.

You are not only a miracle, you are the result of the process that beauty is. You are not only a result of God’s creative process, you are one with God. You are not only the creation of Source, but you are what Source determined the world around you needed at this time. The very will of God. You are peace in the midst of unrest. You are purpose in the midst of struggle. You are the goodness that comes from any and all evil that is projected into the world. You are not the war, you are the coming home.

We do not need rainbows to know that there is a spectrum of colors in a ray of light. We do not need clouds to organize rays of sunshine to know there is beauty in the sun. We do not need meditation to tune into the fact that everything has a purpose. But these things help. At times, these things bring us back to a remembrance that love is all there is in this world that is worth pursuing.

You are born of Love. Please do not stop looking for beauty outside of yourself and please spread the word that others are miracles in your life. Do all of those things that you consider good. Do all of those things that you believe will edify those around you. But do these things, with much more enthusiasm, when you have taken time to do them for yourself. If you do not know what a miracle you are, your perception of “the beauty” of the world around you is flawed. Others are beautiful, yes. The world is beautiful, yes. You are beautiful beyond any of your imaginings. When you see yourself for the true self that you are, which, if you still do not get it, is beautiful, your ability to show others the beauty that exists in them, will increase.

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