But It Is Easter

But It Is Easter
In my blogs, I use universal language and names for God like, the Divine, the Creator, Source, and the Universe. I have written about Jesus, or the Buddha, or Mohammed, specifically, but tomorrow is Easter. Tomorrow is the day that some branches of Christianity celebrate Christ raising from the dead.
There are millions of things wrong with religion. There are a million cases of religion hurting more than helping. It is obvious that God has shown favor, whatever that looks like, to those that are in Christ and those that are without. People twist the words of Jesus. People recreate his journey on earth. But tomorrow is Easter.
Without being compelled to provide proof and without concern for what those of other spiritual traditions believe, I say simply, he is risen. The “he” I speak of is not only the man that walked the earth, but the God that existed before he was born as a child. It is a story of rebirth, yes, but more of birth and rebirth.
There is nothing special about a man being raised from the dead. There is something special about what Jesus was, coming to earth, living as a human, dying, and being raised from the dead. What this means to us is different. How we deal with this claim may not be the same. But, I offer this.
We may be children of God. We are not children of Christ. While he said so many things, Jesus did call us his brothers and sisters, and he did say to us, that we would do things greater than he had done. Whether you believe that everyone has this available to them or only those in your particular belief system is up to you. I would encourage you not to concern yourself with such things. But tomorrow is Easter.
Celebrate. Dress up. Glad hand everyone you have not seen in a year and drop what you feel obliged to give into the offering plate. But before you sleep, be grateful for what it all means, from creation until now. If you have accepted grace, afford it to others. If you need grace, accept it from others. It always seemed odd, that Jesus, when he proclaimed that a lepers sins were forgiven, was asked with what authority he said such things. Would it not be amazing, if in the same way, we should be questioned by religious leaders when we go around forgiving the sins of others.
But tomorrow is Easter. There will be a lot of recruiting for religion. There may be some attempt to generate guilt in those that stopped by a sanctuary. For us it is a celebration. For Jesus, it is just another day. Some might say, live every day like it was Easter. I would encourage you to live Easter like it was every day. We are not tasked with planning a party for the resurrection, we are tasked with the realization of what this means for us, others, and the world.
Jesus, the real Jesus, is born in us each day. We are in him, and he is in the Father, and the Father is in us all. Is it not so? This has been my very long, drawn out way of saying, Happy Easter. But really, Happy Saturday (or Sunday). Peace be with you. And live with all the joy that comes with not knowing God fully, brings. You are loved beyond your own belief. You are a sibling to the one you celebrate. If it makes you nervous to think that God loves you as much as he loves Jesus, consider your worth. If it makes you uncomfortable to attempt a belief in your ability to do what Jesus has done, let him flow through you. I would write more on the divinity of your soul and the love with which you were created, but it is Easter.

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