The Love I See

The Love I See

Sometimes I fancy myself a writer. A man, who is able at times, to put a word or two together to make sense in a way that might not have made sense before. Usually it is an effort to help myself and others learn in some way. This is not the case in this writing. This is about the love of my life Michelle. She text me at the exact same time the Beatles song, “Michelle” came on the radio today. Just one more in a long list of signs noticed from the Universe that I am where I am meant to be. But words alone will not do for such a lovely wife, and poetry, while not my thing, is all I know to express my love for her. So here goes…

The Love I See

Every noontime has its twilight,

Every ocean has its end.

For me there is a highlight,

A wish of love to send.


My path may not be golden,

My way may not be straight.

But as in the days of olden,

This beauty is my fate.


And though I don’t deserve her,

And though she loves me still.

We stand in awe forever,

According to Love’s will.


When it comes time for parting,

And sorrow fills our eyes.

We will only find a starting,

Without this world’s disguise.


For life is but a petal,

Upon Love’s vibrant bloom.

I will never have had to settle,

Or sing a saddened tune.


Grace may yet be waiting,

And pardon soon appear.

As when we started dating,

My heartbeat draws you near.


So when you find your missing,

a kiss or touch from me,

Dream a star for wishing,

Then you’ll find Love I see.


She is more beautiful than my words, but that is how life is. The good things cannot be explained, even in rhyme. Peace.


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  • Michelle is such a good, kind, sweet person. You are lucky to have each other. I love you Kevin but I love her more. Thanks for signing my book! ?

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