Miracles and Worry

Miracles and Worry

In most of our worlds, there are two things make little sense to our minds. The absence of wonder and the pursuit of worry. These two steal our joy. They steal our happiness. The absence of wonder and the pursuit of worry, rob us from what we desire most, which is peace and bliss.

As for wonder, consider the life of John Jenkins, who over 150 years ago, found himself prone to visions, delusions, and mystic encounters. Word spread fast, and John was eventually placed in the sanitarium, because he claimed he could summon musicians that would serenade him as he slept. He claimed to see visions of loved ones who would not only speak with to him, but would converse with him. He claimed to travel through time by flight and take trips that for others lasted seven days, and took Mr. Jenkins only hours.

And as crazy as this sounds, as miraculous as it would have been if true, we claim the same things. Not only do we claim the same, we do the same, and give it no thought at all. We call upon musicians, both dead and alive, through our media players, to serenade us as we sleep. We call loved ones, thousands of miles away, through FaceTime, Messenger, or our cell phones, and see and speak with them. We board long metal tubes that carry us through the air at speeds we cannot perceive.

As for wonder, consider the miracles of life that we pass without notice. We hurry past the evidence of life found in flowers. We pursue our lives without noticing the breath that gives us what we need to exist. We often consume food that has been brought to us from across the world and exchanged for little money and complain that it may not be ripe enough or that it is not prepared to our particular tastes. We drink water, which gives us life, and is clean, and complain about the taste it has acquired as it traveled through the pipes that have brought it directly to our homes.

Another reason for the loss of peace and bliss, which is our natural state, is our addiction to worry. It is our belief that what we need or want will not be attained or provided by life. We believe we are our home, our car, or the things we have claimed as our own as we have lived. We believe, when people ask us who we are, that we are this job, or this religion, or this description of a member of a family (sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather). As such things, in our minds alone, we seek to be more of the same, and we allow commercials, the opinions of others, and what we see around us, to determine what we think we need to be fulfilled.

With the notion that we alone are responsible for what we receive, comes the concern with how we are to create them. We worry, that at some point in time, we will not be able to provide for ourselves. This worry is valid, because in truth, we have never been able to, alone, provide for ourselves. We worry about what might happen in the future, which is never what we have guessed. We worry about what we have done in the past, and the past is only a story told. We do all we can to avoid the present moment, which is all we have, which is the only thing we are able to affect in any real way. We do not trust Life, as we think we know best. We do not trust Life, as we scurry about to plan for what we guess is next.

If you are interested in joy and bliss, which is up to you and nothing I would force upon you, do things with wonder. If you want to be happy and experience peace, do only the things that have been placed before you in the moment. This might seem simple. It is. This might seem easy. It is not. We are trained to prepare for our future. We are made to believe that our future, and the future of the world, is up to us. We allow ourselves to believe that we, by thinking about or fretting for, what will happen in times other than “now”, we will be secure in the “then”. We allow ourselves to believe that if we are sufficiently sorry for what we have done in the past, we will secure a place of comfort for ourselves in the future.

Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Appreciate the Creator, yes, but show your appreciation by enjoying the creation. Acquire things, but do not assume they are yours alone. When you breath, allow yourself to be healed. When you think, allow yourself to think of incredible possibilities. And if you woke today, and realized that those you loved woke also, enjoy the day and the things you choose to do. Life is not meant to be overlooked or worried for. Life is meant to be enjoyed and our enjoyment will be multiplied as we create joy, for and in, others. There are the miracles you might see. There are works for you and the Diving to accomplish together. Do these things with a smile and a nod, not for others, but for yourself.

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