Love is not an emotion. Love is not an object. Love is more than commitment and concern. Love is a way. Love is what grows inside us when all other things have failed to take root. We cannot be in or out of love. We cannot experience true love. Love is elusive. Love is to be found when stumbling through the other emotions in life. When we find love, we most likely will not know what we possess. When another person loves us, we will most likely take it for granted and trick ourselves into believing that for some reason, we deserve what we perceive we have. We may at times believe we have lost love but love that is lost was not love at all. Love is eternal and was set into motion long before we became conscious there was ever such a thing called love.

People love pizza. People love their cars, homes, finger nails, hairstyles, shirts, shoes, and pants. We hear this all the time. Some traditions teach there are different types of love. This is only true in that through the years, people have assigned different words to artificial love. In all of these descriptions, and in all of these objects, there exists the notion that we are capable of loving an object, a person, or even the Creator. There is only one way we can love these things, and that is by becoming the essence of love itself. Love is a way. Love is the way. You are loved by the Creator only because the essence of the Creator is Love. There is neither judgement or exaltation, condemnation or praise. There is only Love.

Our ability to love is in large part based on how well we are able to accept this Love. To be bathed, and breathe, in this Love. We believe we love things because they are pleasing to our senses. We believe we love people because, in our judgement, they are worthy to be loved. In the same way, we might believe we love living because our way of life brings us little pain and some amount of pleasure. To truly love an object, a person, or a way of life, requires complete submersion in the Love of the Creator. Not in a way that requires any belief, ritual, or contribution, but in a way that realizes there is only Love. And if there is only Love, there is only for us to accept or resist. Acceptance of Love will create in us the ability to appreciate all things. Resistance to Love will keep us satisfied “loving” pizza, cars, homes, finger nails, hairstyles, shirts, shoes, and pants.

We should not float on top of Love. We should sink below the surface. We should allow ourselves to fall into its depths. Nothing in Love is known. Nothing in Love has been the same for any two people. What it promises is the knowing that there is more than what we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. What it promises, is that the way of Love is the only way to love. If we find a soulmate, and see in them Love, and have been accustomed to living with Love, we will be able to recognize more of the same with them. If we, at that time, are not able to recognize that Love in our soulmate, another soulmate will appear in our lives at the right time. If it is Love that brings us together, that Love will keep us together. If it was our common love of pizza that brought us together, the relationship may not last.

In a lifetime, we may encounter several soulmates. We are not obligated to be in a romantic relationship with all of them. In a real way, we are also not bound to be in a romantic relationship with any of them. In a real way, everyone, being from the same Source, is our soulmate. Life is not a middle school dance where the only object is to pair up. There are those that are best alone and those that are better joined in the journey with another. Love is available in either circumstance. Love is the way, regardless of who we travel that way with. When we accept Love, Love will reveal itself in many ways. With this revelation, we would do well to accept it anew with each breath, for depending on our ability to accept Love, Love will always change for the better.

As I listened to the birds sing this morning in in the woods near my home, what I heard was the rhythm and pulse of the love of the Divine saying, “Be love, be love, be love”. At some point in the day, I will exchange that song for the melody of, “I can’t believe that guy cut me off in traffic, I can’t believe that guy cut me off in traffic, I can’t believe that guy cut me off in traffic”, or the tune of, “How dare they, how dare they, how dare they”. For me it happens every day. Only the ability to sing the song of the rhythm of Love again will allow me to come back to a knowing that there is only Love. My attempts to allow my mind to sing the words “Be Love” are the only thing that brings me back to being able to receive Love. In this attempt, I remember, there is neither judgement or exaltation, condemnation or praise waiting for others or me. There is only Love.

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