Look at You Go!!!

Look at You Go!!!

Sometimes I am tempted to think I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Sometimes I wonder if I know anything at all. When I am grateful for the things I have convinced myself I have, I tend to worry for those that do not have the same. When I allow myself to want more, the fear of not deserving a more overcomes me. I say these things to let the reader know, that although it is easy to recommend this, or suggest that, we all struggle with the same issues. We all need  help sometimes.

I never wanted to build “the cult of Kevin”. I never wanted to have others try a thing simply because I suggested it. First, the pressure of living a truth is increased if you espouse that truth. Second, the truth, is the truth, is the truth, whether your five year old neighbor mentions it as she rides past your house on her scooter, or whether Ellen DeGeneres takes a private jet to your house and mentions it over a dinner you prepared just for her. On some levels, truth is important only because it is true.

Shocking as it sounds, I am not at all concerned with the “truth” of things. It is not that I believe that there is a truth for each individual to live and that my truth is different than another’s truth, it is that truth is so cerebral. It is in our heads and not in our hearts. What do we have when we have the truth? Do we have proof for our viewpoints? Can we justify our actions? Will we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are superior to those who do not possess what we determine as truth?

I have written articles on this blog that recommend to others (always also to myself) ideas about how kindness, grace, hope, compassion, and even love, might be spread in the world. Most tied to stories from my experience.  Sometimes I wait with suspense to see how it was received, and sometimes I may forget what I wrote entirely. There is an internal struggle with advertising the blog, because I want to do it for the right reason. If I can help, I want it to grow. If I am only trying to sell an idea, be recognized, or promote the aforementioned “cult of Kevin”, it would be better to give it up entirely.

Depending on who you ask, I am either on to something, or I am a hot mess. Depending on the day, I may also answer with either of those two replies. I am a hypocrite. My hope is that we are all hypocrites. If we have goals that exceed our current ability to perform acts of grace and kindness, we are hypocrites in some sense, but we also have something we are growing towards. If we are able to consider the possibility that what we have done in the past is not in line with what we strive to do in the future, the possibilities are endless. The first offerings of grace and kindness can be to ourselves.

This may be a confession. This may be my struggling to figure things out in the form of a blog. My suspicion is that we all struggle at times to figure out what we have to offer the world and what we should expect in return.  My hope for those I know, from toddlers to very senior citizen, is that they know they are perfect where they are. That what they are is good enough, that what they dream is possible, and that their tendency to believe they are not loved is the result of their not being open to all of the warning signs that they are loved more deeply than they are willing to accept.

And what about you? Regardless of your current views on truth or your belief about what grace others should be afforded, you have made it this far. Do this exercise. Count the number of years you have been on earth. Simple, right? This is the number of years you have been preparing for this day. This is the day you get to enjoy all that is. This is the day you bring all of what you have learned and all of what you have experienced to make today the day you find peace. Tomorrow, do the same exercise and add one more day.

Peace is not complacency. Peace is not some release from all willingness to change the world. And peace is certainly not found in ignoring real problems that exist in our world. Peace is simply knowing this. What has brought you this far, will carry you and your troubles, one more step in your journey. We are not asked to believe everything is fine the way it is. We are not asked to change the world with great and sudden impact. We are not asked, believe it or not, to do anything. Our purpose is let the light of Love flow through us.

This is the only way to feel the pulse of Love. This is the only way to know the pulse of Love exists at all. Are you tasked in this life with managing dozens of people? Do it with Love. Do you make a living sweeping floors? Do it with Love. Do you dream of traveling or of building a home? Do it with Love. Love is both the answer and the way. You know this. You have witnessed this in some small way, with either your offering or receiving, of Love. Let it grow.

There are many ways to be a conduit of the Creator, but there is only one thing to do, as a conduit of the Creator, and that is to let Love flow through you. In any way you know how. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Find creative ways to get it done. And after some time doing this in only your way, I advise the following.

Take the time to understand that you are what the world needs or you would not have been born into the world when you were. At the end of the day, tuck the smiles that you both gave and received, into your mind and heart. Reflect on what made you smile and plan to do more of that tomorrow. Be grateful. Expect more. But always remember that the joy you felt was not only because of what you experienced, it was the manifestation of something you thought years ago. That thought, was that the world is full of possibility. That possibility did not change simply because you forgot it existed. Children are not deluded when they want to be a Taco Bell manager, a doctor, a fire chief, and an astronaut, they are open to possibility.

Look at the world with wonder. See everything that is amazing about what is before you. Understand everything that went into creating the beauty you see. Be proud of what is there. Want good things for the world. This is what the Creator does when the thought of you arises. You are a joy. You are a source of happiness. You are both in and of the goodness which formed creation.

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