Compassion Waves… the Experiment

Compassion Waves… the Experiment

Whether you read this blog to hear stories about my “goings on”, to be encouraged by some simple but forgotten truth, or to consider ideas in a way you may not have before, this posting will help us both. Like everyone that has ever attempted to do a thing, I am experiencing both the excitement of what might be, and the concern that the things I am doing might be done in a better way.

There is an art to making things happen. There is always a hope with intention. There is apprehension, concern, and a general unease that comes with simply asking for help. Creating projects requires thought, examining motives for our actions takes extra care, and requesting help sometimes leaves us wondering if we have the right, permission, or even the energy to ask.

Allow me to update you on my life. I woke up this morning at 4 am. I do this most mornings. As soon as my alarm went off, I thought of something for which to be grateful. My hope is, that gratitude will continue throughout the day. My hope is, that those I encounter today will understand that I appreciate them. My time will be spent helping to build a company I was fortunate enough to begin working with nearly three years ago. Not as a CEO or owner, but as a district manager. Afterwards, I will concern myself with the launch of Compassion Waves Card Company.

I will see my wife, Michelle, and realize that life is, at once, better than it might have been, and a gift only to be received. I will see my son and realize I know nothing about the pressures of 6th grade or integers. I will speak with my father and hear about what stores have Diet Mountain Dew on sale. I will most likely notice a red bird and think of my mother. I will appreciate the days spent with those I have not seen in a while. My days are predictable is some ways, but full of possibility in other ways. I will, at the end of the day, have accomplished more than was done prior to starting the day, but will attempt to lose the attachment to those accomplishments before I do it all again tomorrow.

This loss of attachment is why any update on my life does not include things achieved, struggles I have faced, or concerns that I might have had during the course of living another day. Recently, however, I compiled some blogs and made it available as an e-book and in print, as “Taking the Time (Experiments in Kindness)“, and recently, I began The purpose of both is to help others in some small way. I am proud of these.

The investment for the book was nothing but time. Compassion Waves Card Company required funds, but not a loan. It was born out of my wanting to “move money around” in the world. The idea, though possibly naive, is that, if people simply asking for money could provide something in exchange for what they are asking, others might give more generously. After speaking to my son Carter, inventory was purchased, a website designed, and we dreamed of how we might affect the lives of people in a positive way. Simply put, there is value in the dreams of children.

We need your help. If you are inclined, share this article on whatever platform you found the idea. If you would like to contribute artwork or offer your products on our site, please contact us using If you know more about marketing, retail websites, programs designed to help lower income or homeless individuals, or business in general, than a very smart (now twelve year old) preteen young man or a man that just learned what Twitter and Instagram does, and are willing to help, let us know.

We all change the world. We are choosing to change it with a smile. There is no revolution. There is no call to action. There is no agenda. There is, however, a hope, that the “why” we do what we do, might be the “why” others do what they do, and that the how of it all matters very little. In this way we create peace. In this way we offer compassion.

Will you share what you think?