There Will Be Trouble

There Will Be Trouble

When I read things like, “Quantum Physics explains it best when…”, or “All of the religions teach…”, I tend to perk up. But really, what more than our experience can teach us about the things in life that matter the most. Quantum physicists are smarter than me. Religious teachers are holier than me. Physicists seem to be trapped in their minds and teachings seem to be caught in time. And this seems to be my trouble, as well. I am caught in both my mind and in my time. And how can quantum physics and teachers of religion help me when navigating through traffic, standing in line at a grocery store, coordinating my time with work, family, and other ventures?

We are all here. Whether you believe, as some do, that we are here for a reason, or here by chance, or sent from heaven, or products of a random creation process, we are all here. The gentleman that fishes on a hand-crafted boat in New Guinea, the woman making little rocks out of big rocks in Lusaka, the corporate giant with more money that God, and you, and me, are here. All at the same time, whether we chose it, or by chance, we are all here, at this moment, and in this place. We have that in common. It is a big world. It is only one world. And like it or not, no matter how we have divided it up, it is for everyone. This is “our place”.

We are not what we think. The funny thing about our having opinions on others, is that we do not quite have a firm grasp on ourselves. Often times, we spend more time figuring out what is best for “the world”, or “for them”, when we are not in touch with what is best for us. My suspicion is this. If we knew from where we came, what was meant for us, and what was meant for creation, we would not bemoan the every day struggles. We would not settle for petty arguments. We would not feel the need to justify who we are in relation to who others are. But we do. And why we do it, is as much of a mystery, as the reason we are here.

There are several ways to get there. Usually, when I speak to people, the overwhelming majority state their desire as something they deem “better”. And in this life, “better” seems like a fine goal. I would suggest that the best way to get to things that are better, is to be thankful for the things that are. If we have an inclination to want more, we have something to base our opinion of what that “more” might be. We have a destiny. Our world has a destiny. It is to be better. It will happen. It may be a rocky road or it may be smooth sailing, but in one way or in another, it will be better. How we get there is up to us.

Our thoughts matter. When we are down, we bring others down. When we see possibilities rather than looking for reasons we cannot help others, we bring people up. There is a collective spirit in the world. Whether we are connected with one mind, or whether it is similar to the feel of a crowd, our thoughts affect the ability of the world to see the possibility of a better day, or a time of peace, or a place where happiness is a way and not a goal. This is not akin to a voodoo doll that we can manipulate, but is real, nonetheless. We can change the world by speaking words of love, or thinking thoughts of compassion. Even in the face of hatred. We do not have to be great. We do not have to be famous. We have to be consistent.

We are One. Like it or not. We may not like the fact that a killer down the street, or someone who treated our daughter or son poorly, or a family member who meets us with criticism each time we interact, are one with us. We may not be the same, but we are one. But what about that teachers we enjoyed? What about those singers we admire? What about the person who’s example we try to model our lives after? We are one with them, also. It matters so little, however, if we are one or if we are not. We celebrate the good. We help improve what needs improvement. And we love others. Whether we are one, or many.

You are a hot mess, a miracle, and a joy. You have bad days. Get over the bad days. We all have bad days. Even on the bad days, there was something in you that carried on. There was a breath, there was a heartbeat, there was a thought that you could do more. And the worse the day, the more it took to overcome the desire to give up. And the more you decide not to give up, the more you realize that the miracle you are, is one of creation. Not of recovery, not of correcting the past (or past lives), but creation. In this moment, right now, you are a miracle of creation. Not that you were created, but that you are able to create. You bring joy to the world. Even if no one sees it. Even if you do not see it. The joy you bring is the calling of birds at daybreak. It is the flower that blooms in spring. It is the smile that curls on the face that has not smiled, really smiled, in years.

So, it is with this that I go through the world. If we are one, it is because we all have been born, and we will all come to terms with our death. We will do this before we die or as we die, but we will all pass from this form. I believe that God is in everything. I believe that God is closer than our next breath. I believe that we came from, and will return to, God. And what this means for me, rather than a way to comfort my own worries about dying, is that those that have passed before me, are closer than my next breath to me, in a way they could not be when I knew them here. And this helps me live today, not build hope that there is a better future waiting. Their love for me persists, their ability to convey that love has increased, and their being closer to God, helps carry me, closer to God.

And I will begin again, navigating through traffic, standing in line at a grocery store, coordinating my time with work, family, and other ventures, but hopefully with a bit more peace. A little more patience. And an awareness that I am not alone. That we are not alone. And that there is more help for me waiting than there are troubles in store. And is this not our only hope when we realize trouble will come? There is more help waiting than there are troubles in store.



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