Love Is Not A Side Hug

I never cared much for authority. I never “just followed the rules”. I enjoy others enjoying tradition more than I enjoy it myself. I walk outside barefoot in colder weather to cool down (against my mother’s wishes) and i have never caught pneumonia.

I believe I have more responsibility for the good and bad things in my life than I care to admit, but do not hold others to that standard. I believe people are inherently good. I believe people are inherently bad. I believe there is only one person in the world that I can change, and in changing myself, I change the world.

And what do I know of you? No matter who you are? Most likely you struggle with some things, and you have a sense, hopefully, that you were meant for greater things. This is not quackery, a false psychic reading, pseudoscience, or pop psychology. This is me, knowing there is a greatness in you, that is expressed each time you share a smile.

Share a smile, while alone, with the Universe, and see for yourself if the Universe does not smile back. My experience is that it will. Not because the Universe is dependent on your smile, but that in your smiling, you begin to co-create joy with the Universe that can be doled out to those who, for some reason, have not quite yet learned to smile.

No matter where you find yourself, you are important. If you cannot see a better future, trust that life will find one for you. If you cannot trust that life will find better things for you, then at the least, do not actively doubt life’s motive. And if all you can see is darkness, do not spread it to others. A world of darkness is overcome with the smallest, and I mean to say, the very smallest, of sparks.

You may feel yourself to be void of light and at the same time be the only light another person sees. You may be worried for things that are since passed, and not yet see the positive future those events have carried to your life. You may be carrying those events to the lives of others.

What I know of Love is this. It is not content with a side hug. It wants a “seeing a grandparent for the first time in a while” hug. Love does not demand this from you, but offers it to you, every moment, every day. Love pours itself out to you by the measure in which you receive and share it. Its source is infinite and its comfort can be found in an instant. We need not look for Love, we need only to accept Love. It is not in the seeking, but in the asking, that we find joy.

Make a small difference today and watch it grow. Notice some small, otherwise unnoticeable thing, for which you have yet to express gratitude. Make a phone call you might not make normally. Send a card or leave a note you typically would not write. Give yourself, in some small way, over to the way of Love, and test its ability to support anything you do in kindness. Smile back at Life.

Pardon my enthusiasm, but in you exists what has been for eternity. In you is the ability to change the very world that has been created for you. In you is the smile that someone has been waiting to see. And you have the potential to be the only sign a person has asked for, you may offer the only consideration that helped someone hang on for one more day, and though not acknowledged, your simple acts of kindness, will help bring healing to a world that desperately needs to be healed.

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