Live Thanksgiving Blog (with Carter)

Live Thanksgiving Blog (with Carter)

This thanksgiving, Carter (age 11) and Kevin (age 49) will discuss how to have a good thanksgiving every day. I will start the discussion (the wonders of a wireless keyboard) as we both sit in our home, at a desk, discussing the simple joys of living.

Kevin: There is a lot of trouble in the world… why should we be thankful?

Carter: We should be thankful because god made us for a reason cause we will do something great.

Kevin: What are some things that you are thankful for?

Carter: The things i am thankful for are a a shelter a loving step mom and step dad(Kevin and Michelle) and i am thankful for so much is would take this whole blog up but here’s some food biological dad and biological mom and a loving  family ( Jennifer, Nanny, Granna, Silas, Addison, Papaw Wally, Papaw Clyde,  Kaydence (Red), Mamaw, Sissy, Uncle Matt.

Kevin: How will you change the world?

Carter: I am going to change the world by  helping the poor banding cigarettes (uhhh bad) and vapes (Kevin has one trying to knock him off of it). And SMILE.

Kevin: Turkey or ham?

Carter: I don’t know why he asked but bbbbooottthhh!

Kevin: What makes you happy?

Carter: What makes me happy is spending time with family, playing, going to fun places like Max Air, playing sports.

Kevin: What is the secret to being happy?

Carter: There is no  secret. Just do what you like to do and have fun and smile.

Summary by Carter:  I hope you enjoy reading this. It was fun for me. Maybe I’ll be on another blog, but i hope you all have goood Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday. If something goes wrong, don’t get mad. Be calm. God did it that way because he new something good will happen.  Eat lots of (turkey AND ham ) and have the best year ever.


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