Signal Strength

Information is everywhere. Propaganda, be it good or bad, is everywhere. It is hard not to be affected by another’s thoughts or worldview. Quite frankly, it takes more courage, intention, and will power to be at least an independent thinker, or better still, a free thinker.

Our highways are littered with billboards. Our living spaces are designed around a television that pipes in, you guessed it, other people’s thoughts and ideas, and our lives are centered around whether or not we “forgot our phone”.

There is no value placed on quiet contemplation, because there is no way to charge for quiet contemplation. There is no value placed on “not knowing”, because your worth in society requires a definition of where you stand on this or that issue. And the Divine is redefined and packaged into thirty minute television segments and sold like snake oil. Even the air, or space, or atmosphere, is filled with signals. Marconi (or Tesla if you get right down to it) would have shuttered to think about the volume of radio waves pumped through creation.

When I was younger, I wondered if God would be pleased if I left a recording of praise music playing in my room as I went to school. As I grew older, my guess was that the Creator would actually like me to turn it off. These days I wonder what it must be like for God to have to deal with not only the thoughts of someone’s mind, but those thoughts being converted to signals and spewed throughout creation.

If Christ returns, my hope is that included in the first words he says to his creation, will be, “For the love of me… please… shut up”. Ironically, I am writing these words while listening to a streaming music service. Most of us, including me, do not thrive in silence. Those of us that do make time for silence more likely do it to “hear the Voice of God”, which is, in and of itself, not silence.

These words are not meant to bemoan the fact that there is technology. It is not meant to over exaggerate the fact that there is little room for more information in this corner of the Universe. It is meant as a reminder to be aware of what we are taking into our minds. To be intentional about what we allow there. To take some seconds of the day to turn it down. Each day I thank the Creator for the day, wipe the slate clean, and start over in the morning. It is almost like ritual cleansing from being in a world that is beautiful by design, and that has been corrupted by greed, self importance, and hatred.

There is a beacon flashing, a light burning, and lighthouse shining somewhere that originates from, and is, the Divine. We venerate the Masters who seem to have tapped into a way to receive that signal and spread its message. We assume it was and is a weak signal. The reason we have trouble hearing its voice, is that we seek its origin in the stars or heavens, or in a text, or a teacher, as if the voice were light years away. We cannot comprehend its magnitude until, like the horror movie said about the mystery call, we realize, “It’s coming from inside the house”. God is in you. The very simple secret is, listen to and enjoy your guest.

If you realized the greatness you possessed, you would never listen to another critic again. Even the critic you have become of yourself. Turn down the sound on your opinion of others and yourself. You will find the Conductor of your heart playing a rhythm only you can dance to. Life may not always be easy, but at least you will be dancing.

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