Forty Years Too Late (Right On Time)

In 1990ish, I went to Miami as a college student for a week. I spoke to and worked with the homeless there. This week I returned to Miami for three days and stayed on South Beach, ate at a fancy restaurant, watched cars drive by that cost more than my house, and took a dinner cruise on a yacht (all this thanks to work).

The experience rekindled in me a passion. Not for the finer things, but for those living in poverty. I am in a different place now in life. The world is in a different place now as well. In the coming days, I will be working on a project that I hope will help others. I would ask that you pray the right ideas, people, and support come into my life and that I might be able to receive them.

Perhaps it is the chill in the air. Perhaps it is knowing that snow will soon blanket what some call a bed. Perhaps it was seeing that some people have more money than God and might be persuaded to share with others in exchange for this or that product. Whatever the reason, I am convinced that what Bono said about capitalism rescuing the impoverished is correct. I take no pleasure in observing that religions have failed to do so thus far.

So a thought, a well wish, a good vibe, or a prayer is what I am asking for, for now. I have heard it said that to change the world with charity would take 5,000 years, but to change the world with invested participants might only take 500 years. We cannot afford to wait for either. If you would like to know what is being planned, send me a private message… there will be no solicitations ?.

A very happy Saturday to all.

Will you share what you think?