The Switch

The Switch


I never was too impressed by those that say we are able to manifest things in the world by what we think. But I have wondered lately if this might not be true. It has been said that every action begins with a thought. To me, action might be better able to manifest material things in the world and if this is the case, then all action must begin with thought and therefore thought is required before anything is made manifest in our lives.

So what of thoughts or thinking. So many people throughout history have said so many things about about “right thinking” or “guarding our minds” that quite frankly it makes me tired “thinking” about the issue of “thinking”. I have certainly not mastered anything in this life, especially things of an inner or spiritual nature, but here is what I know to be true.

The cure for worry is gratitude.  One can simply not be worried and grateful at the same time. Typically, we worry for the future. When we worry about our past, it is only in relation to how it will affect our future. Nothing in our pasts matter and our futures are determined by right now. And right now, the sensible thing to do is be thankful, rather than to moan and groan over what was or will be.

We are not our possessions. Nothing we own, nothing we wear (including these forms we call bodies), and nothing we do are who we are. There is in you, a spark of the Divine. There is in the Divine, you. If we (and that is all of the we(s) out there) are anything at all, we are the expression of the Creator, which please the Creator, for no reason other than we exist at all. This is a miracle. That we exist at all. All we own is fluff.

We choose what we think about. My only advice here is not to worry for what we have done wrong, but to imagine what we might do right. Do not assume you know what is a victory or defeat about what you have accomplished so far and spend time thinking about what good you may do today.

The small things matter. Smile. Wave. Study compassion and teach it by example. Be comfortable holding a hand other than your own. If you have power, use it for good. If you have love, do not reserve it for a few. If you have grace, give it to everyone and every situation you encounter. The world needs more of that. Do not crave an understanding of the big picture, but be content in small contributions which are easily understood.

Some are daisies and some are roses. We are in a mysterious and wonderful garden. What sense would it make if a daisy and a rose fought over which was the original flower? What sense would it make for the garden if they spent their time plotting ways to kill one another? What sense would it make for them not to share the same rain, the same sun, the same soil? Share. Even with a flower whose pedals look nothing like your own.

If only there was a switch in our brains. In our lives. In our relationships. Even in our hearts. A switch that would control emotions, grief, and maybe concern. A switch we learn to turn off and on. Of course, if it did exist, it should be well guarded lest some other circumstance or person learn to flip our switch. Perhaps though, there need not be a switch. Maybe we have access to a source of power that we regulate by how much we allow it to flow through us.

Your goodness cannot be removed by those that would want you to feel guilty of crimes you did not commit. Your nature cannot be condemned as sinful by those who are not fit to judge. Your worth cannot be determined by those who fail to see your light in their darkness. What I know, and hope that you do also, is that everything is available to you.

It is as if the Kingdom of Heaven were at hand. It is as if you might only have to ask and you would receive. It is as if you were eternal and that this life, and these deaths around it, are illusions. And it is that, we may see the face of God not in the heavens, but in the stranger sleeping on the sidewalk. And we do that, because someone did that for us. Whether we are aware of it or not.



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