There have been times in my life, that I have chosen to walk rather than ride. To labor instead of rest. To help rather than turn away. There have also been times in my life, when I chose not to do the things that would lead to the comfort of others rather than myself. Lately, I feel less optimistic about a bright future and more like I need rest after a long journey. More like the torch should be passed rather than be tended to. In my youth, a drop meant many ripples that could change the world. As I age, it only means something is leaking.

With that said, might I share my quest for the home of the Divine? In my travels, I have wondered about where one would find the Creator. This all powerful and infinite being who, in His or Her wisdom, set the universe in order, all while caring enough to see that no bird goes unfed and no flower goes unclothed. I have asked that question of myself and others as I have grown.

I was always instructed to take my hat off in the house of the Lord. I have been to many temples, cathedrals, mosques, churches, chapels, sanctuaries, and synagogues. All looking for God. All with being promised that God dwells there. Always leaving with the feeling that while God might visit, these were certainly only houses at best, that humanity thought the Creator might like. 

Would I find God living in Heaven if I was able to visit there? Perhaps, but I do not think that is where the Divine feels at home. Some say that nature is the place they find God. He may indeed visit there on the weekends, but I always feel so badly for those stuck in big cities. Could the home of God be the birthplace of Jesus, Mecca, or underneath a Bodhi tree? Perhaps the Dalai Lama keeps the maker of all things in his laptop.

Where is the home of God?  My opinion is that the very ruler of all things lives inside each and every one of us. The question then arises, why are some so kind and some lack compassion? Why would some kill while others would help the living? Why, if God lives in us all, would there be prejudice, greed, violence, and those without homes and food? I do not believe it is a matter of whether or not God lives in you, I believe God does.

What do I ask of God? What would I do if the Creator dwelt in me? Imagine the things we could do. Imagine the people we could help. Imagine the joy it would bring. Most of us, however, myself included at times, ask nothing of the power that is in us.

At most, we ask him to hold our list of wants like we would ask a refrigerator to hold our child’s third grade art project. We ask that the One that loves us most and in the best way, listen to us go on and on about the troubles of the day and how badly we want things to change. We ask that the One who created time hold just one second while we finish looking at Facebook or for a commercial. Maybe we ask him to be a coat rack for the emotional baggage we just cannot let go of.

We hold the perfect inside our imperfection. We hold all power in the selves that grow fatigued. We have and endless supply of Love we are so reluctant to share. So when I see my spouse, or a child, or a stranger living on the streets, or someone I do not enjoy, or a politician I do not agree with, or someone unlike me in every way, I have found the home of God. God is also in me. My hope is that I make it a good home. My hope is that maybe, just maybe, someone might see that this is where He or She lives. This might be a sermon, but it is Sunday after all. May you see the grace you have been afforded, the blessing you are to others, and the light at the end of the tunnel.


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