The “In Between”

Sometimes I wonder to myself how things work in this world. Not the everyday things like internal combustion engines, smart phones, or city water systems, but the things that are not so easily seen or studied. Is it that God in His heaven reaches down or is it that we in our very mortal shells reach up? Does a tree reach towards the sun in its’ quest to expand or does the sun draw it somehow. Do we receive blessings because of our petitions, belief, or work ethic, or are we blessed by the random acts of kindness performed by the Divine.

It has been my inclination in the past to think of such matters with both sides in mind. While wondering why I have not the things of a richer man, I keep in mind the things I have in abundance that another may not have. When I am grateful for one thing or another, I try to remember those that might lack. And if I were honest with myself, while I express gratitude for anything, I imagine myself living without it so as not to become attached or hurt if it goes away. I also wonder at times, how in the world I get anything done with all of this going on my mind.

May I say, that as a Christian, I understand that the notion of the Christian story seems unbelievable. There are times when even I, a man who has tried to base his life on the teachings of Christ, do not believe the “stories”. I am suspicious of religious institutions to a fault, I doubt most claims of supernatural intervention, I do not give to building funds or offering plates for the sole fact that I think organized religion has strayed very far from what God ever intended it to be. What I do believe is that God can create miracles from our everyday simple acts. That He only requires the faith of a tiny mustard seed not because He believes that we need faith, but that is all He needs.

So what does my mind settle down to with regard to how my Jesus and I interact with the world? Where does this leave me when I try to find enough peace to sleep? My comfort comes from the Creator and me finding one another in the “in between”. I do no tire myself with exhaustive meditations, prayer exercises, or in depth studies of one particular sacred text or another. I simply open my eyes when I wake, open my door when I leave, open my mind when speaking, and open my heart when I see a need. This scares so many people, but I have found it is the way to find that the God you seek was caring for you all along.

Do not judge. But if you must judge, do it with empathy and compassion. Even when judging yourself.

Give others the best of you. Even when ordering a hamburger. Even if serving a hamburger. God loves you for so many reasons. Let others see why.

Be aware that things are rarely what you perceive them to be when making big decisions .

Be kind. One small act of kindness is all the effort the Divine will require of you and is all the Divine needs to multiply what you begin.

Be amazed. By the good and the bad. Living is exciting, happy, stuff. Get your hands dirty, try new things, and smile until your face hurts. It looks good on you.


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