Current Resident

There is something to be said about having a home. There is something to be said about having friends and family around as you venture out into the world each day. Likewise, there is some comfort in having a place where you might worship. Some comfort in gathering with like minded people working towards a worthy cause. What these things said, or comforts are in particular, could be debated until the proverbial cows come home.

What is it then, that can be said about not having such things? While I have never been homeless, I have spent time, on occasion, nights, with people living on the street. There have been times when I could not take solace in friendship. I have no physical place to worship and though I am a free mason, my contribution to our charitable causes are mostly in the form of monetary gifts (and even that embarrassingly little).  Even though I have more than I deserve, I have some understanding of what it is to have little. Most of us are in the same boat.

Most of life is an illusion. It is created by what we have been taught, by what we have decided to value, and by our impression that things, beliefs, and even beauty are permanent. And if I may, God, in some sense, is an illusion. Rather, our impression of God, if we strive to learn more of the Divine each day, is an illusion. For example, I have been me for 48 years. The 6 year old me is different from the 21 year old me which is different from the me I am today. And quite frankly, I am not even sure I understand the present me completely. So homes, the lack of homes, friends, the lack of friends, houses of worship, the absence of those houses, and groups, or the lack of groups, are in essence, an illusion at most, and not permanent at least.

My advice is simple, but it helps some people. Shut your eyes and all that you see is yours. In turn, all that you do not see is yours as well. The Creator exists in all of creation. The Divine passes through you and you through the Divine. In some respects, it is up to you to only be absorbed into the One who dwells in you already. I would recommend not worrying so much about the will of God for your life, but if the direction you are heading in is in the flow of what God is doing in the world today. Do not reject the things you own or enjoy, but always have a healthy suspicion about how they shape your opinion of others or of God.

Be responsible. Be kind. Be joyful. Be love to one another. Be peace. Be happy. Be excited. Be limited by only what you can see, or cannot see, with your eyes closed. Your beginning was known before you came to earth and your end is non existent. This eternal life that some speak of starts now, not after we die. The Universe knows you and chose you. You have made it this far. That is a big deal. As for our situation now, this is not our home, we are all, each one, but a current resident.

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