You Do You

For all intents and purposes, my life, both long and short in comparison to others, should be over by now. Somewhat due to the decisions I have made and somewhat due to what has been thrust upon me by the universe. Even though, honestly, at times it is hard for me to distinguish the difference between the two. As I sit now, only a few things are certain. The new day is a gift. Each breath is unexpected. And there are more things for me to accomplish that what has been done prior to the situation I find myself in now.

My goal is not to buy the world a soda or have them sing in some harmonious chorus, perfectly. My goal is not to have each human on earth bow to one god or another. My goal is certainly not to have people that I meet conform to my understanding of a deity or my particular belief system. People, and their ideas of God and the world, are different. I am alright with that. Like it or not, I believe that God is aright with that as well. If any one person had a complete grasp of the Universe, there would be nothing left to learn, and I would imagine both that person, and the Universe, would become quite bored and disinterested in one another.

In our American world, I would explain God like this. As an example taken from my kitchen. Though I do not understand electricity, it is there. If I want coffee, I plug in a coffee pot to an outlet. If I want toast, I plug in the toaster. If I want, and I rarely do, a healthy smoothie, I plug in a blender. Of course the same source of electricity provides power for a dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, cell phone charger, microwave, and whatever other device that I might deem handy at the time. Same electricity, different appliances, different purposes served.

There is a cost for the electricity. Both for the power and the outlets. The privilege of receiving electricity has to be earned by someone. I know not to stick a fork in the outlets. Electricity, while helpful, can also be dangerous if it is misused. There is one source for the power in my kitchen. It is up to the people who wired the outlets to decide how much goes where and it is up to me to choose the right appliance for whichever need I have at the moment. One thing I might also add is, like God’s favor, people never seem to miss it until it is not there. Most don’t come in, turn their lights on and say, “Awesome!!! I can see!!!”.

As for my original thought, as to there being more for me to accomplish, I would like for every coffee not to be made to feel like it is responsible for keeping the lettuce and milk cold. I would like for a toaster not to be made to feel that if the dishes do not get clean, that it is somehow responsible. We are all an appliance of some sort, having to be plugged in to the Divine, to be used by the Divine. If you are made to make coffee, do not long to make toast. And for the sake of everyone involved, do not set up a list of rules and organizations that claim only coffee makers have access to the power of electricity and that coffee is the favored beverage and function of the Creator.

I suppose I have just written a parable about objects that are not animated, which Jesus would not do because his audience was not accustomed to harnessed electricity. I suppose my point here is, marvel at the intricacies of a phone charger even if you are a garbage disposal. And if you are a blender, do not worry yourself with making toast. Be content with having power to do what you do. Enjoy the day, the breath, and accomplish something worthwhile. You are loved. You have more strength than you know. You are connected directly to the source of all that powers the entire Universe. And though you could be better (as could we all), you are fine right now.

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  • This is awesome Kevin! I feel the same way. You are so talented in how you put your thoughts into words and the stories you tell.
    God has gifted you in so many ways. That I am grateful for.

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