To Speak of Things

It seems odd that in a blog post full of words, the very validity of words would be questioned. Odd that information, that the internet is packed with, would be called into suspicion using the internet. That something written in English, the world’s second language, would disparage the holding of one language in higher regard than another. And it is odd, that as I sit in my climate controlled home, in the fall, near the Appalachian mountains, drinking a clean, caffeinated drink, that I would call what most call, blessings, a distraction.

There are so many things that bombard us each day. Some we choose, some we do not. Some use information to heal, some for destruction, a lot for promotion or personal gain. It makes us feel good momentarily if we “know” something others may not. It helps us connect to others that “know” the same thing. It makes us feel even better if we can share what we know with someone that may not know. In truth, we know very little about so few things. It is not a conspiracy theory, but the transmission of truth has become so lazily done as of late, that not much is being done to educate, while much more is being done to “look” educated.

Words, good or bad, have a way of developing power. They have inspired, they have destroyed, they have created smiles, and they have initiated despair. The one thing they have in common is, that the power they have to do these things, is given by the those that perceive them. A word as simple as “go” may be heard by someone who is comfortable where they are as a burden. For someone who is unhappy with their situation, the word “go” may be salvation. Same word, different perceptions.

Without a discussion of linguistics or political involvement, the point needs to be made that English, though the dominant language in the world today, for whatever reason, may not be the favored language of the Divine. One may not need to know Hebrew, though it was used to write the sacred text for Judaism, to enter the gates of Heaven. Arabic, though it is beautifully written, may not be the only language there is to perceive the will of God. I think the Creator cares about as much about I Phone/Android debates or the early IBM/Apple debates as he does about which languages are used.

Somewhere along the way, we as humanity, have been tricked into thinking that information is truth. We are convinced, as humanity, that there is a First World and a Third World (I always wondered where the Second World was). While I commend people from the United States for travelling to less economically rich countries to “minister”, I wonder why they don’t simply use the money it takes to go abroad to bring others here to preach. Though many preachers have become rich saying otherwise, having a coffee maker or fancy car has little to do with God and everything to do with the world.

Where does that leave us? Did not the Creator “speak” the world into existence? Is not Christ, according to the Gospel, the “Word of God”? Though some may claim heresy, and some may say I have missed the point, I tell you, there is more truth in helping someone from the ground, with a bag of groceries, or in a compassionate smile, than there is in all of the volumes of Sacred Texts that can be read. And certainly more truth in a small act of kindness, like looking into the eyes of a man or woman found homeless, rather than speeding one’s step as they walk by, than anything heard on CNN or read in USA Today. All without words. All manifesting the love of God. All without money. And all, building a world of which not only the Divine, but we as humans, can be proud.


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