Cane Pole

Fishing is not one of my hobbies. Fishing is not my way of life. Fishing is not what I have to do in order to feed my family. While I have good memories and stories to tell about fishing with friends and family, it is not something I do make time for anymore. That might be a problem I need to address in the future. There are a lot of great things about fishing.

What I do with regularity is think about and observe people and situations, sometimes to the point of absurdity. Sometimes, to the detriment of simply enjoying the moment. Some people, strolling along the river, might think of the beauty of the light reflecting off the water. Some might think about how nice it would be to swim. Some might even dip their toes in the current. And while  I wish I was intelligent and “deep” enough to think of some great philosophy, I think about fishermen.

I think about fishermen in boats, who get as close to the bank of the river as they can, casting their bait to the bank, as close as they can. I think about the fishermen on the bank, wishing they had a boat, casting their bait as far away from the bank as they can. And I think of an older couple, married for years, content to simply drop their line and hook, tied to a cane pole, from a boat or the bank, into the water ten feet from where they find themselves. As far as I can tell, all with the same chance of catching a perch. All being able to go home and tell stories of how they went fishing that day.

Whether it is the fisherman on the boat or on the bank, there seems to be something that causes them to think that the fish will be away from them. I tend to live my life by this method, always running from one thing to the next, never looking for what I think I might need, within myself. I would like to be like the couple with a cane pole. Believing joy is close and can be found with little effort. It is odd really, to think we can find the fish of Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Patience, or even the Love of God, never far from where we are along life’s river, all with just a cane pole.

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