One Note

When I was younger and had time that seems to escape me now, I would go down to The Strip and hang out in bars where I would play a little pool and foosball. I enjoyed the people there, but what I liked most was hanging out with the musicians playing in the streets for tips. Say what you want about that lifestyle. Criticize the element with which I was surrounding myself. Feel better about the way you live as opposed to the lives they were living if it gives you some sense of satisfaction. There were life lessons there being taught on those streets. Often times with no inclination that class was in session.

Sitting cross legged (another thing I cannot do today) next to a man and his dog, admiring the way he played the blues, I saw and heard a college student walk by and mutter something ugly to his friends. I looked at this man with a guitar in his hand after he had finished his song and asked if he had heard what the young guy had said as he passed. He never answered my question but said, without a second thought, “A whole universe of darkness can be overcome by one spark”.

As I tend to do, I thought about this great advice and wisdom for a full week. When I saw the blues man and his dog the following Saturday, I started a conversation that would allow him to elaborate on what he had obviously taken years to develop as a life philosophy. He did not remember saying anything remotely similar to what I had adopted as a great teaching. He must have been drunk, he said. He must have been drunk. Drunk or not, it is still something I think about to this day.

While on topic of the universe, guitars, and listening to music, I would like to offer some advice of my own. The universe creates a song each day. There are many who hear it for what it is, there are many who believe it is their own, and there are many who, for good or for bad, have forgotten how to hear the music. Our actions and intentions create one note. We may never get the chance to hear the one note another in Zimbabwe created or get a chance to share our note with a Brazilian, but we are one, indispensable, hopefully beautiful, song.

The notes we create are sung by God to the world as a whole. I want to believe the title is “Love One Another”, but you might believe it is something different. We are a note in the song, yet we are not the song. We create a note in the song, but have not created the song. It can be sung only by the Divine. As for those who cannot hear the tune anymore? They can be a “rest” on the music sheet, just as important as any note.

We are writing the music for God to sing. I hope we remember what he requested the song be about. I hope it is good enough to be performed. I hope we have not lost our ability to sing it along side the Creator to help creation. In case you ever wondered about yourself, even though you might be a little off sometimes, never doubt that you are a good note. One note worth singing. One note worth hearing. Welcome to the band.


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