Hope Is Hard

For what do we hope? What do we expect out of the uncertain times that we live in? Have we become numb to the endless possibilities that exist in a world where every need is either immediately satisfied or discarded as not worth the effort? In a world that gives us Facebook instead of friends, fast food instead of meals, memes instead of discussions, and immediate religious answers rather than a passion for learning about God, it is difficult to have something as simple, yet as courageous, as hope.

Hope is not a Christmas list. Hope is not what you want on our birthdays. Hope is something constant and eternal. Something that lasts and that is created in us each day. Hope is something we may possess, but is not something we create in ourselves. We are given hope by others and by the Eternal, and can only, at any given point in time, receive more by giving it to others. Hope may be the only thing that keeps us hanging on and it may be the only thing we are able to gift to another person. It does not cost anything to have and it costs nothing to give away. We can have as much as we like, but it is something to be shared.

I have heard it said that “my cup runs over”. To that I say, as I have heard taught in Kabbalah, get a different cup. We can be full of hope and compassion without our cup running over. If we take the bottom out of our cup and place it under the ever flowing fountain of hope and compassion, we become a conduit. Ever flowing into the top and ever flowing out of bottom. So it is great if those around you receive what has flown over the top of your cup, but it is better if they are blessed by the same thing, and at the same rate, as you were so fortunate to be blessed. Hope will never run dry if we receive it. It will never run dry if we give it away. It will never be never.

Hope is not an attitude. Hope is, believe it or not, a real thing. It is a trust in something higher and more knowing than ourselves. As with anything or anybody, it takes time to build trust. It is evident in the smile of a homeless woman, in the hug of a small child in poverty, in a parent that wants more for his or her teenage son or daughter, and even in a flower blooming in the snow. Hope is an understanding and a way of life. Hope is knowing that no matter how bad a situation seems, there is a lesson to be learned and a better day coming.

So here I am writing about hope. Thinking there is something I can say that has not been said a million times before. My purpose here is not to come up with some great new discourse on hope. My purpose is to let you know that there is a reason for hope. That if you have a little hope today, it will grow into a larger hope tomorrow. The secret to holding hope is to know that what you are seeing is only about ten percent of what is real in this world. And of that ten percent, your perception of things is one in seven billion. Hold on to hope and know that others care. And though hope is hard, it is based on one simple eternal truth. Something bigger than you, wants something bigger for you.

Happy Tuesday.

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