It has been said that there are more ways than one to do a thing correctly. More than one way to do the right thing. Even if the choices of what to do are narrowed down to one, there is more than one way to accomplish a goal. As to how many ways, I would add, the Creator of the universe, as diverse as it is, expects this from a world that was created with so many different colors, organisms, life forms, and yes, personalities.

If we can accept that there are differences in the way our neighbors and ourselves do the right thing, how then are we to determine what is the right thing? My suggestion is to boil it down to this. Love one another. It is an admonition from several religions that goes unheeded, and worse even still, is practiced with no real understanding. Loving one another is not tolerating one another. Loving one another is not letting others be free to be themselves and alone. Loving one another, contrary to some religious thought, is not converting others to conform to a certain belief system.

Love is where you spend your time. Love is how you treat a person you have just met. Love is how you have treated someone that you have known for years. Love is giving gifts for no reason or helping when a person is in need. Love can be a prayer, a concern, or even a thought, but never in a condescending or manipulative way. Love is spreading around the love you have received from others and from God. It helps others and also makes room for more love to be received for yourself. It’s sort of neat that way.

To love another you must be in love. Not with “the other”, but with something beyond yourself. Someone, or some thing, that loves you. And here is the thing about creation. You are loved. You are uniquely able to receive the love of the Creator. You cannot receive it like another and you cannot receive it in its entirety, but the love that is for you is the same as others that are loved in their unique way. One love, many faces. One love, many hearts. One love, many traveled roads. So be in love. Keep it simple. Start small. And shine.

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