Killing The Sacred

Humanity is weird sometimes. We cling to objects in hopes that they might bring us closer to the divine, all with fervor and passion, and most times, with a willingness to sacrifice relationships and even the lives of others and ourselves. There is not much to say here, other than the relationships and the lives of ourselves and others are often the only things that were sacred from the beginning.

Sacred texts have become such an issue around the world. One group holds a text as sacred while another group holds a different text in high regard. It would be more convincing to me that a text was sacred if the ones that viewed it as such did not gain a substantial income from the publishing of what they deem necessary for others to come into contact with the divine. What is the going rate for what you would consider “The Word of God”?

Holy places would be worth a pilgrimage if there had not been bloody battles fought over, in, and around the areas devotees claim are sacred. Temples, mosques, churches, synagogues, sanctuaries, and worship centers have all become, for at least one hour of the week, the most segregated places in the world. Often times, the messages taught in these “holy places” are divisive and self congratulatory. And in America, most resemble a country club or fitness center, where members only are allowed to utilize the facilities.

Most clergy, clerics, TV evangelists, preachers, and religious teachers are paid. It lies in their best interest not to offend their constituency. Some well, some not. There are good men and women espousing their beliefs and there are some that “spoil the bushel”. For every kind heart found in a member of religious leadership there are ten hearts filled with something other than the love of God. There are three major religions that profess the sovereignty of one God and there are thousands of different versions of those religions who think they are the only ones who are theologically correct.

So if it ever did exist, we have killed the sacred. We continue killing the sacred every day. The good news? There are billions of sacred places in the world yet undiscovered. Simply put, there is a place in each of us that only God can dwell. Not with our thoughts, not with our emotions or devotion, and not with our beliefs. Only God can exist there and that place is found within us. So while wars rage, debates fly about, and teachers teach “the truth”, God dwells quietly in us. And for the record, you must be one special somebody for that to happen. May we bear the weight of the responsibility that brings.

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