Life Is Not A Miracle

Life is not a miracle.  Life is one of the most common things a person could see if one took the time to look around. A flower has life. A butterfly has life. Even the water we drink, though tough to think about, is teaming with life. No, life is not a miracle, but living life, now that is a miraculous thing indeed. Perhaps I am not so impressed with the miracle of life because I have never participated in the creation myself. Perhaps because I have no biological children, I am desensitized to what a wonder it is.

Living is what intrigues me. What we do with something as common as life in order to help others create something as common as life. There is constant motion in this world. Even as we sleep, something is happening around the globe, and even, in our own bodies. For those of us who take seriously the admonition to “be still, and know that I am God”, it is understood that we are not simply to “be still”, but also to “know”. In us creation is created, and through us, we create creation. It is kind of a big deal.  An honor, if you will.

So what have I made with this creation in me if I have not created children of my own?  What have I done that is worthy of the honor of which I have been bestowed?  It is not money. Though I have made money, it is not worthy of that honor.  It is not time. Time is an illusion that slips through your fingers like, well, the sands of time. It is not art or music, as noble as those are. Sometimes, even though I do make a mess, I create things of which I am proud.

My finest achievements? I may not have made a baby, but I have made fine young men and women. They are my children.  Some may call them my step kids, my nieces, or my nephews, but I call them all my own. I have made friends. Some through work, some through bars, some through church, but my friends, none the less. I have made love. Not always in the sexual sense, but in the way my wife and I live with each other, the way I treat strangers as well as my family, and the way I try to take the grace that has been afforded me and give the same grace to those I meet.

This is the miracle of living for me. You may do living differently. But when it feels like you cannot go on, “be still, and know that I am God”. And if that is not possible, be still and know that someone has been there before you and they care more for you than you can see at the time. No one has living figured out. They simply have figured out how to give the impression that living is easy. And please, for the love of all that is holy in this world and the next, understand that you are the real miracle and the true love of the Creator. And that, my friends, is a big deal.


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