Perhaps Something To Say…

There have been a few comments, by a few of my friends, that what I have written has helped in some small way.  Honestly, that tickles me.  And now that I have this blog set up, I am frightened that I may have nothing left to say.  Most likely, however, life will happen, and as I am prone to do, I will have some weird comment or observation that will turn into a story.

So, for my first small insert into what are millions upon millions of thoughts on the internet, I will say this.  Nothing matters more than love.  Not love of a spouse, or for pizza, or even for God.  The love that matters is the love that lives inside you when you are alone.  That allows you to breathe deeply.  That allows you to rest your mind.  That allows you to create in others hope.  It is not the love you have for something, but the love that the Divine has for you.  Our devotion is, as with everything in this world, suspect, and prone to change. The love the Creator is constantly giving birth to, now that is built to last.

So in parting on this first embarkation of my ramblings, happy happy.  I’m glad you’re here.  May you find rest.


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