Welcome to Resting Times!

All around the world, there are good things to be seen.

So many of us are weighed down with worry for the past and for the future. Resting Times is one response to the tendency, we all have, to miss the wonder of it all. We have some time, a little extra money, and an understanding that we are all in this thing together.

Our mission is to encourage others by helping them be present in the only moment we really have.

Yes, we want to help others. We do this with the understanding, that in this way, we are helping ourselves. You may notice themes of kindness, hope, love, and change. You may notice books, shirts, stickers, and offerings which promote those things as well. The blog is always free. Products are offered with value and edification in mind.

Some ask why we do, what we do.

This all seems worthwhile to us, because we have been in places where encouragement was all that we needed, love is all we had to hold onto, and hope and kindness brought us through moments where there seemed to be no escape.

We all need to rest at times. We believe, that we all need resting times.

If you will allow us, we would like to sit with you for a while, as you take a break.

There is enough grace for yesterday. Tomorrow will worry for itself. Today, right now, we have only to take a small moment, see possibility, and be comforted. Our mission is to help provide some break, one vision, and real comfort.

We also want to…

Change The World. One Smile at a Time.